Our Pledge

727 Team Pledge To You

We would like to start off this page with defining the word Pledge.  It means, “a solemn promise or undertaking,” and to us… our word is our bond.  Here’s why you should expect more when choosing to work with us.

Constant Communication

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you were ignored, or you weren’t getting the answers you needed in a timely fashion?

Yeah… we don’t like that either… and no one should ever feel like they are alone especially when dealing with a big transaction such as the purchase or sale of a home.

Our pledge to you is you will never feel like you are alone when working with us.

Unfortunately we’ve heard the same old horror story over and over where people felt like they could never get a hold of their real estate agent…

To us… that’s unacceptable! Communication is one of the biggest parts of our job – “Do or do not… there is no try”.

We are there for you throughout the entire process, checking in… answering questions, and even updating you when there’s not a whole lot of new developments… because you matter.

Put Your Interests First

There’s a lot of bad vibes that come from a job that is considered a sales position.  To us… real estate is a people business.  We are nothing without the people… and our expertise, sound advice, marketing and negotiating know-how mean nothing if it isn’t genuine.

Our pledge to you is to always put you first.  When you place your trust in us, it’s how we would expect to be treated and it’s what you deserve.

We’ll sit down with you and review what’s important to achieving your goals.  If we’re not a good fit, we’ll let you know.  Many of our former clients have become great friends of ours, and we want you to know our commitment to serving you goes beyond when the transaction ends.  It’s for life…

Patience Is The Companion Of Wisdom

Life is very busy… we get it.  We are bombarded with information on a scale like never before and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you are starting the process of buying a home, the most important thing we want you to know is you can take your time with it.  Whether we find the perfect home on the 3rd house or the 100th house, we have the patience to guide you through and respect you.

Our pledge to you is to be patient with your needs and desires and to be honest with you at all times.

Part of patience is understanding the motive to waiting.  We don’t sugar-coat our answers because we believe it’s important to be transparent with you on what’s happening in the market. Knowledge is power… and we will explain everything in a way you can understand.  The resources and wisdom we provide will be used in helping you make better decisions when taking specific actions.

Low Pressure Fun Guys

All seriousness aside, we are definitely ourselves when working with you.  We believe the process should be fun, low pressure, and a good memory.

Our pledge to you is to try to make you laugh… We’ll try… trust us there’s plenty out there to laugh at in the real estate market.  We’ll be your friend, your advocate, and your partner throughout any hurdles that come our way.

Fun Fact: Did you know that a long time ago Ryan and Chris held an open house that was used as a command base for SWAT as a neighbor popped off rounds with a semi-automatic rifle? Believe it or not we still had some laughs and were able to make what could have been a bad situation a fun story for us and our sellers to share.

Swat Story From A Long Time AgoOur Swat Story