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Do you have a home to sell?  You’ve come to the right place!  Our goal since the beginning is to bring the real estate experience to a new level and pioneer marketing solutions that get our sellers the most exposure. Provided below are the top 10 reasons you should choose to list your home with The 727 Team.

#1 – High Definition Video Walk-Throughs

It’s no secret that video has become one of the most popular ways to consume information in today’s society.  Look at any social media site and you’ll discover that many of the most popular posts include a video. When done right, video can be one of the strongest marketing tools to list your home in our technology-savvy real estate market.

Did you know that on average, only about 2-4% of realtors in Pinellas County use video to market their listings?  Of those 2-4%, many are simply creating picture slideshows that get on average 0-5 views posted on Youtube.

Of the very few in this market that shoot an actual video, most are not professionally done or are limited to high end listings.  Take a look for yourself… search around for local real estate agents in this market and you’ll find many don’t have videos, let alone, even a professional website or strong online presence.

Why Does This Matter?

A collaborative report by Google and the National Associations Of Realtors (NAR) in 2013 found that 90% of people searching for a home use the internet.  This percentage will most likely increase over the coming years as more people use the internet on a daily basis.

Another important key note from the report is that Youtube is the top video research destination for home shoppers.

When people start searching for homes, they are hungry for information.  Our goal is to give them a more accurate perspective of the property by connecting the rooms as if they were walking through. All our tours are produced in-house and shot with professional camera and stabilization equipment.

When done properly, this can create an emotional hook that drives buyers to become more attached with the property.  They have 24/7 access, and many also feel there’s more transparency in helping them make a decision.

Also since our area is a very popular destination for interstate and international buyers, it accommodates their needs as well and can even generate offers (sight unseen).

#2 – Professional Photography

727 Real Estate Team PhotographyAlthough there are more agents today using professional photography than video, it still amounts to a very small percentage.  It’s very unfortunate when an agent that is hired to market your home decides that smart phone pictures are good enough for making your home stand out with your competition.

We see this all too often, and this creates for a poor customer experience both for sellers that are missing out on potential buyers, and buyers that are getting unclear info on the property due to the quality of the pictures.

Not only do we provide Professional Photography for all our listings, whether it’s $50,000 or 5 Million Dollars… but our services are also provided in-house.  This means we don’t have to call around trying to fit you in the schedule of another photographer that knows nothing about your home.

We are able to get professional photos done quickly and efficiently, so we can get your home on the market faster!

#3 – Marketing Exposure

727 Real Estate Team Marketing Example

We don’t just wait for buyers and buyers agents to find us through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and sites such as Zillow and Trulia.  Social media and websites such as Facebook have given us the resources to target people that are specifically looking for homes and also target the buyers agents that represent them.

We are able to reach 1000s of targeted buyers within the first few days your home is on the market and put your home lightyears ahead of the competition.  Ryan and Chris also have hundreds of Realtors in their personal network that are continuously exposed to their listings.

Part of our strategy also includes private groups and lists we manage of local Realtors such as Tampa Bay Real Estate Buyer And Seller Needs.

Tampa Bay Real Estate Facebook GroupGoing even beyond that, we are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts and know how to get your home in the right spots on Google to maximize exposure.

It’s important to us that you know we are working hard for you.  Whether it’s door knocking your neighborhood, holding open houses, going to pitch sessions with local realtors, or getting your property the best exposure online in the area, we take pride in our work and services.

#4 – Expert Negotiation

The 727 Real Estate Team - Master NegotiatorsWhen we work for our clients, we put ourselves in their shoes.  Transparency is a key part of our business model, and we are very open about what we think the market value of your home is at the beginning.  Negotiation is about the people involved and we do our research so we are able to sell those people on your home and get you the most value.  Take a look at what some of our clients said about their experience: Zillow Reviews Of The 727 Team.

#5 – Great Communication

727 Real Estate Team CommunicationHave you ever worked with someone and you can never get a hold of them? We know that frustration all too well. When we first consult with sellers, we always ask what is their preferred method of communication. Whether that’s phone calls, text, email, or even social media messengers, we are always happy to accommodate.  From that point on, we strive to get back to any of your inquiries within the hour.

In the rare instances you may need an immediate response and we are unavailable, both Chris and Ryan’s voicemails provide the contact information of the other agent so you can get the answers you need.

It comes as part of our commitment to you, to regularly follow up and be accessible.

#6 – Networking Experts

The 727 Team Does NetworkingAs powerful as our resources and strategies are on the internet, we still believe in good-old-fashioned networking.  We are consistently out in the public eye meeting realtors, buyers, other sellers, and investors.  Ryan and Chris even founded the extremely successful Pinellas County Meetup Group which has over 2000 members as of March 2017.

We are in direct touch with many people that have just moved to the area that are looking for a home to buy.  Being the leaders of a prominent group comes with it’s advantages.  A good portion of our members are part of a dedicated Facebook Group where we can tell them about hot properties in the area including our own listings which we provide the video tour on.

#7 – Brand Recognition

The 727 Team

Over the years we have worked hard on building our brand and making our resources and website a top destination for realtors to access.  It is not uncommon for us to encounter Realtors we meet for the first time that recognize our team and know of our work.  This is important to sellers because we know obscurity doesn’t sell homes, and it is our objective to put your home at the front of line.

#8 – Intelligent Pricing

The 727 Real Estate Team Pricing GuideWhen homes sit on the market for months, it’s usually the result of a few problems.  Either the agent is not properly marketing the home or making themselves available, or the home is not priced correctly for what the market is comfortable with paying.

When you request that we give you the estimated value of your home, we do in-depth research on comparable sales so that you are comfortable with our pricing recommendations.

We then come up with a strategy so that if customers are not making offers at the current price, we are keeping them interested through price updates or new incentives.  If your Realtor is not being honest with you and letting your property sit, you lose out in the end because the longer it sits on the market, the less desirable it becomes and typically the more money you’ll lose.  That kind of mindset and service level is not acceptable to us, and we consider working with our clients a partnership that requires teamwork to get to the desired goal.

#9 – Backed By A Team Of Experts

The 727 Real Estate Team VendorsIt’s our vision to surround ourselves with outside vendors that have the same work ethic and drive as we do. Quality matters… and top-notch customer service is extremely important to us. Whether you need recommendations for title companies, contractors, or home stagers, we’ll be able to provide you options so you can get your home market-ready.

#10 – Passion

The 727 Team Passion For Selling HomeIt’s so important to work with someone that is passionate about your home and what they do. We live, eat, and breathe Real Estate and with all the obstacles that come with people and selling homes, it’s our goal to make your experience as stress-free as possible.  Let the quality of our work and presentation speak for itself; WE ARE PASSIONATE.

We’d love the chance to interview for the opportunity of selling your home. If you have any questions and want to have a meeting that is pressure-free, open, and honest, contact us and we’ll arrange an appointment.

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