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November 22, 2016 by The727Team

When I got into the real estate industry, I naturally did a lot of research on how other agents were marketing homes by combing through the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and seeing what they were doing on social media. What I saw was amazing – Many of these listings were really nice homes with terrible pictures and barely any information filled out.

I learned that many times people pick agents that they are familiar with but don’t necessarily know what kind of marketing strategy they have planned for the sale of their home. Not all Realtors are created the same.

An important part of a Realtor’s job is to be able to effectively market a home in a timely manner to drum up interest. This interest turns into showings which ultimately turns into a contract.

If done right, the listing will reach so many people that it creates hype and multiple offers in which the seller can choose the best one. In a seller’s market like we are experiencing now, the best possible thing your agent can do is get the maximum amount of exposure to your listing in the quickest amount of time.

Right now there are 4 buyers for every listing on the market but if you don’t get enough exposure, you may have to settle for whatever trickles in.

Living in this era of social media is truly amazing. Never before have we been able to connect with so many people and allow them to connect with us. As St. Pete real estate marketing professionals, we take full advantage of this technology to market our listings properly.

What can modern technology do to benefit you when selling your home?  There are many different facets of technology that can benefit you as a home seller but today we’re going to specifically talk about using professional video as a vehicle to reach thousands of people in less than a day through social media.

Example Of Our Video Tours


How does this effectively reach potential home buyers?

So you’re a potential home buyer scrolling through your facebook feed looking at all your friends pictures and posts from the pages you like and BAM all of a sudden a smooth motion video walk through tour pops up and starts playing automatically.

You recognize that the address is from a house in your city and you decide to watch it for a minute. You have been looking for a home very similar to it and decide to contact the folks that posted this video.

It’s also possible that your friend sees this video and sends it your way. Maybe you’ve already been working with a Realtor and they see it pop up on their facebook feed, they decide to send it to you to see if you like it. The point is that these videos and the format in which Facebook displays them are very effective at gaining attention.

People like to share this video because it shows how the home connects. The fact that it’s video also helps with the share-ability factor because it’s not deceiving like many real estate pictures that are taken with a wide angle lens are. What you see in the video is what you can expect to see when you get to the home.

Marketing The Listing Video

Paid Advertising

When we finish these videos we expose them to multiple outlets to get the maximum exposure. We actually send out the video either a day or two before the listing hits the market to ensure we have gathered as much interest as possible by the time we can schedule showings.

The widest net we cast is the paid advertising on facebook. If you take a look at the screenshot below you will see that we “reached” 5,374 people and it has 2,300 actual views. “Reached” means that it simply showed up in their facebook feed where as the actual views mean that they watched the video.

As you can see 13 people shared this video to interested parties. We had this house under contract the next day, cash offer, not too far from asking price. We had other offers come in, including a full price offer however this buyer was able to close in 6 days which was more attractive to the seller.

727 Real Estate Team Marketing Example

Realtor Networking Groups

The second avenue we advertise our videos through is local Realtor networking groups. There are over 1000 Realtors between these two groups and most of them are representing buyers, sometimes multiple buyers.  Tampa Bay Real Estate Agents and Tampa Bay Buyer & Seller Needs are the two major private local Realtor networking groups in the Tampa Bay area.

What’s interesting is that most of these videos will reach other Realtors before they see the listing on MLS. These buyer’s agents would have to be actively searching for a listing multiple times a day or have it come up in an autosearch.

Unfortunately our MLS autosearch feature sometimes takes 2-3 days to send out a new listing to all of the agents for some reason, so many of them don’t see it right when it hits the market. Advertising in these groups ensures that we get to a lot more agents representing buyers in a much shorter amount of time.


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Tampa Bay Real Estate Facebook Group

Social Networking Groups

Ryan and I started a networking group through for folks looking to get out, have fun and meet new people that’s called The Pinellas County Meetup Group. We also made a facebook group to help connect these people so everyone can share content, organize events and get to know one another.

We currently have 985 members with 2-5 people joining every day. This is another pool of people we share our listings with. In fact our last listing went under contract within 6 hours on the market and the buyer is one of our friends that we met through this group.

Our group is comprised of locals, transplants, young professionals, snowbirds and more so there is a wide variety of people with different real estate needs that we network with on a regular basis.


Final Thoughts

As stated before, not all Realtors are created the same. The majority of agents will simply advertise your home on MLS which is considered ‘passive’ marketing.

By being proactive we ensure that our seller’s home is exposed to the biggest amount of potential home buyers in order to create demand.

Considering selling your home in the next year? We take pride in our efforts to provide the best St. Pete real estate marketing. Feel free to email us at We would love to get to know you on a personal basis to fully understand your real estate needs. Thanks for reading!

As your go-to real estate experts, we are happy to provide you with detailed property information and schedule a showing even if the home is listed through another agent or brokerage.  

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