April 2019 Monthly Real Estate Update

April 12, 2019 by The727Team
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Interesting Real Estate Stat For This Edition:

Every month we’ll pull an interesting stat for you directly from our MLS for Pinellas County.

Inventory Is Up With Less Days On The Market 

St Petersburg, FL is keeping the strong momentum of growth going as we continue to see new construction in downtown and the building of the 80 million dollar new pier. We’ll jump more into what’s happening in St Pete in a moment, but let’s first take a look at some interesting statistics we’ve discovered.

At any given time in the past 5 years, St Petersburg has had anywhere from the low 1400s to the high 2100s in active residential listings on the market in a month. We often look at inventory as a way to assess the health of a market much like a doctor assesses the numbers from your blood pressure.

The good news is over the past few years there have not been any radical shifts in inventory looking at the last statistics in March. Inventory is up compared to the last 2 years which could give a slight advantage to buyers with their choices. There’s another statistic we would like to share with you below.

The numbers above represent the cumulative average days a home is on the market in St Pete. As you can see there’s not a lot of change between 2017-2019, but you’ll notice major jumps compared to 2014-2016. Less days on the market means there’s less time for buyers to act and it could reflect an increased market of buyers.

In previous updates we’ve discussed a wave of people that are leaving other states as St Pete and other Pinellas cities pop up as great places to live. Thriving coastal cities normally get more expensive over time as the demand for land outweighs the supply.

If you look at a city like Miami, you’ll see how packed they made the skyline and how pricey it can get based on your view and proximity to water. While St Pete is expanding, it can be argued that St Pete will not be a Miami and there is an active effort to stay true to the values that made St Pete popular in the first place. Those values include supporting local small businesses, walkability, nature, and history to name a few.

Higher Rents Pushing The Expansion Of Downtown

I was having a discussion with Chris the other day about the increased rental rates for small businesses in St Pete. Although St Pete caters to limiting chain businesses, part of the appeal and footprint of St Pete is the vast majority of businesses are small storefronts.

Because developers are recognizing the surge in interest in St Pete, some have increased their rental rates quite rapidly. On the one hand it’s causing very creative businesses that can’t afford the new rents to set up shop in the Edge District, Warehouse District and Grand Central. These areas have popped up a lot lately including in the Boston Globe. This may be creating two very different experiences for the St Petersburg resident. On the one hand, more expensive storefronts located near and around Beach Drive can offer a high class experience for a price.

Where areas like we mentioned above have become more hospitable to businesses owners that want affordable rents and a place to be artsy and think outside the box.

St Pete Pier

The new pier has been highly anticipated since the tear down of the old one. As we said goodbye to our inverted pyramid pier, the St Pete waterfront felt empty. The new pier is expected to be completed in 2019 which will create a new and improved location for music, small businesses, and other events.

If you think about cities that have defining structures like The Seattle Space Needle, New York’s Statue Of Liberty, and the Gateway Arch in St Louis, they can spark an increased interest in what a city has to offer. As time goes on, we are excited to watch the growth of St Pete and see how it becomes a better area over time for residents and tourists alike.


Thank you for checking out our April Update! Chris and I will continue to keep you updated every month on the latest developments. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: the727team@gmail.com


Ryan Eisenhower

Pinellas County Real Estate - Ryan Eisenhower - The 727 Team

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