Best 5 Family Neighborhoods In Largo, FL

May 26, 2017 by The727Team

When it comes to living with family, whether that be kids, parents, or anything in between, most homeowners tend to be happier when they pick a good family neighborhood. Family neighborhoods can offer everything from great schools, paved sidewalks, security, amenities, and more.

For that reason, we’re happy to save you the trouble if you are looking for homes in Largo, FL by presenting the Best 5 Family Neighborhoods In Largo, FL.

What Makes A Great Family Neighborhood

Before we dive in, I’d like to put out there I’ve learned a lot from my clients as well as my wife over the years.  Having a kid myself, I’ve grown to understand what is most important to people especially when you are responsible for a family.

Here are some of the factors that will be taken into consideration to come up with this list.

#1 – Schools

This is the top factor I hear about when people are looking for a good family neighborhood.  This is also the most tricky as school district lines can change and school ratings can go up and down.

There’s also the consideration of both public and private schools in the area, as good public schools in this area tend to be harder to find.  Even if you don’t have kids, it’s still not a bad thing to consider as it may have a direct impact on your resell value of your home.

#2 – Security

Security is not always directly related to having a gate.  Sometimes security can mean an active neighborhood watch, a great location with low crime, and the layout of the neighborhood for how difficult it would be for criminals to do harm without being seen.

#3 – Walkability and Traffic

How much traffic is coming through your neighborhood?  Does it have sidewalks? Would you feel comfortable having your family or kids walking around? These are factors we consider when choosing the 5 Best Family Neighborhoods In Largo, FL.

#4 – Ammenities

What does the neighborhood offer?  Is there a tennis court, pool, or are there local recreational facilities within a reasonable driving distance.  We also consider the distance to the ocean and local parks, there’s a reason we live in a beach town.

#5 – Community

Your neighbors matter… Do they keep up their yards?  Is there any trash or unpleasant features that could effect property value?  No neighborhood is perfect, but traditionally the more pro-active the community, the easier it is to keep a clean appearance.

Some neighborhoods may have deed restrictions or HOAs to enforce these rules as well as allowing a budget for fun events in the community.

Now that you know what we are considering, let’s get to our list.  If you have any additional questions or real estate needs, email us at  to get the process started!.

Del Prado

I had the pleasure of renting in Del Prado for a few years so I have first hand knowledge of what a great community it is. Del Prado is a deed restricted neighborhood located primarily off 137th Street in Largo, FL.

The neighborhood features paved sidewalks, a very active HOA that does great events around the holidays and is conveniently located just a few minutes from Walsingham Park (a great place for family activities).

If that’s not enough, it’s also 10 minutes from the beach and is located near a top school in the area called Oakhurst Elementary.

During the school year, you’ll see many crossing guards directing kids and families as school begins and lets out.  The community has a neighborhood watch and is a very safe environment.

Because Del Prado homes are in such a great location, the neighborhood has experienced great appreciation over the years.

Imperial Point

Imperial Point is a very interesting deed restricted neighborhood because it features both single family homes and a condo development. Immediately when you enter the neighborhood it is very impressive. The homes are beautiful, the landscaping is great, and there are sidewalks with people walking around or riding bikes.

The neighborhood is waterfront so you are right next to the Gulf Of Mexico.  There is a community club house and the neighborhood features tennis courts, a playground, a private boat ramp, fishing pier, kayak launch, shuffleboard, 24 hour fitness center, heated Jr. Olympic size swimming pool and more!

Even better news is this neighborhood as of the time of this writing is currently zoned for Oakhurst Elementary.

Collins Estates

Have you ever drove through a neighborhood and just said Wow?  Well that’s Collins Estates… you get the Wow feeling because the homes are gorgeous and many are more modern compared to other homes in Largo, FL.

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As one of the more attractive deed resticted neighborhoods in the county, the neighborhood features paved sidewalks, beautiful ponds where you can feed local wildlife, and it’s zoned for Oakhurst Elementary.

This neighborhood is truly a dream and there are very few houses that come up for sale every year because most people don’t want to leave.

Harbor Bluffs

Harbor Bluffs is considered a very prominent community.  There’s a wide variety of price ranges but the key thing is this neighborhood features homes in the millions of dollars.

About as close to the water as you can get without being directly on the beach, Harbor Bluffs residents enjoy living in a water-side community. The Intracoastal waterway which borders the neighborhood is a great place to take a boat.  For residents that don’t have boats, there are many boat rental locations on the nearby beach.

Residents of the community are close to top rated restaurants, parks, and hospitals. Harbor Bluffs is quite large so there’s a lot to take in.  If you are looking to live the Florida lifestyle, this is a community you won’t want to pass up considering.

Century Oaks

Century Oak is also another desirable deed restricted neighborhood located in Largo, FL.  The yards are traditionally well maintained, it’s also zoned for Oakhurst Elementary (yes it’s a great school) and it’s a few minutes from the beach.

What’s interesting about Century Oak is there are only a little over 50 homes here.   That means that when a home comes up for sale, it’s sort of a rare thing.  As time goes on, these homes will likely only get more expensive with their prime real estate location near the beach.

We hope this list was informative and gave you a general idea of where to start looking if the best family neighborhoods are important to you.

If you’d like to start your search today, email us at  and we’re happy to help!

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