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November 3, 2016 by The727Team

Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza once in a while?  For some… good pizza can be as important as a sports team or a religion. So please know… that I have put diligent care and effort into eating all kinds of pizza only to present to you the finest pizza Largo, Florida has to offer!

Ever since my wife took me to Buffalo, New York, and I tried the cup and char pepperoni pizza they are so famous for, I’ve felt like it’s been my duty to find a good pizza place where I live in Largo.

So like any good pizza lover, I started ordering pizza from different places.  Luckily I did this over a long period of time, (no Man vs Food challenges for me), so my body stayed mostly intact.

Now I’m no professional food critic, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find these 3 pizza spots offer amazing pizza and experiences that you must try if you live in or anywhere near Largo, FL.

As Pinellas County Realtors, it’s very important for us to know our communities, and provide info on the must-visit businesses around us.  I hope after reading this article, you’ll try out these establishments and support our local businesses!

Without further adieu, here are the 3 Best Pizza Places in Largo, Florida in no particular order.

1. Pizza Shack Italian Grille
Great Pizza Largo, FL - Pizza Shack

Pizza Shack Italian Grille is located right off Indian Rocks Road, and for those that have lived in the area, it’s been a Largo favorite since 1982.

When you go inside, there’s a nice bar to have a drink while you are picking up your order. All of their food on the menu is delicious, but when you get to their pizza, you can tell it’s authentic italian with real ingredients and a great taste.

Pizza Shack offers gourmet pizza at it’s finest with great specialty pizzas and a variety of delicious sides.  Families that know Pizza Shack have made it a tradition to share with generations of their family and friends.  When your food establishment has become a tradition… you know you’ve made it!

It’s the perfect mom and pop restaurant that deserves it’s place on the Travel Channel. Authentic, family-run, community-oriented and a staple in the community and history of Largo… it’s a must-visit on your pizza list!

Check out their menu and more at:

Best Pizza Spot In Largo - Pizza Shack

2. Charlie and Millie’s Pizza House

Best Pizza In Largo, FL
Charlie and Millie’s is located on Seminole Bld, just a little south of Largo Mall.  When you first drive to it, it’s easy to see why one might miss it or not even know about it.

There’s no neon lights on the outside, no flashy promos to draw you in, and I think that’s what makes these “little hole in the wall” places as people coin them so special.  They truly let their food speak for itself and thrive through word of mouth marketing.

When I first walked inside, the atmosphere was cozy, and made me feel like I was hanging out with family.

Charlie and Millie’s is known for their thin-crust pizza.  Now I’ve never personally been a fan of thin-crust pizza until I started going here.  The way they cook their pizzas and make their crust makes the entire pizza enjoyable… every… last… bite.  Most of their toppings are cooked under the cheese, which adds a new level of flavor to the dishes.

I personally favor their pepperoni pizza, but I know many that have raved about their famous specialty pizzas, including their appropriately named “Alka-Seltzer Special” featuring toppings like sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, green olives, black olives, ham, extra cheese, and even anchovies as an option.

The pizza’s I’ve ordered are normally sliced into 16 slices, many of the pieces being square, which I think is an amazing way to eat pizza.  What’s so great about the pizza is you don’t get that heavy feeling you sometimes have from eating pizza that has a lot of dough or crust.

This to me strengthens the flavor of the pizza, and makes for a great pizza to order and share at parties and sporting events.  Charlie And Millie’s Pizza has been pretty active on Facebook sharing great pictures of their pizza and specials.  Be sure to subscribe to their Facebook page!

Top Ranked Pizza In Largo, FL

3. Bella Italia Restaurant

Best Pizza Place In Largo - Bella Italia

Bella Italia Restaurant is located in the Bardmoor Promenade Plaza located on Starkey and Bryan Diary Road.  My love for this place goes back to 2014 when I was so impressed by one of the owners, I felt compelled to leave a review as soon as I got home – (View It Here).

I believe the core to any successful business is in the heart of how they treat their clients. Those principles guide our real estate business, and we have so much respect for people that follow these values and truly care about the people they service.


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When I walked into Bella Italia back in 2014, I had been casually persuaded by some online reviews but had no idea what to expect.  The minute I walked in the door, we were kindly greeted by a nice lady who worked there and we were also welcomed by a man behind the counter who I came to find out was one of the owners.

After a little conversation with the waitress as she carefully prepared and set the table for us, she realized we were brand new customers.  Little did we know, we were about to have a 5 star VIP experience…

Looking at the menu, there were so many things I wanted to try, and so my fiance (at the time) and father-in-law ordered two different types of pizzas.

We tried both the meatball pizza and chicken pesto pizza.  The pizza was perfect!

My father-in-law who is from Canada and lived in Buffalo, NY for some time raved it was the best pizza he ever had.  We were all so impressed we knew we would be back (and we have returned many times since that date).

Another moment that really made the night is when that same man behind the counter came out and spoke with us.  He introduced himself as the owner and told us about their story, their goals, and the experience they aim to create.

As I said back in 2014, everything felt so genuine, and that’s a good vibe to feel when you are enjoying delicious food.  Not only does Bella Italia deliver on great flavors and a variety of choices, they truly value their community, or should I say… their family… because that’s what you become when you come here.

Bella Italia Restaurant is dominating the social media scene with lots of posts on their Facebook page, check it out, give them a shoutout, and support their business by trying the food!

Best Pizza Place In Largo - Bella Italia

Final Thoughts

All three of these businesses deserve to be recognized as part of the best pizza in Largo, FL. Each business offers a unique experience, different tastes, and different influences.  I know some people love their chain pizza places out there, but I believe you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t try these local favorites.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it, show the love, and reach out to us if you have other recommendations for businesses that deserved to be recognized!

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