The Best St. Petersburg Neighborhoods Official Guide

May 17, 2019 by The727Team

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Official Guide For The Best St Petersburg Neighborhoods

There are hundreds of subdivisions and neighborhoods located in St. Petersburg, Florida. With a land area that spans over 61 square miles, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. We’ve written many articles over the years on our site, and we thought it was important to put together the best St. Petersburg neighborhoods guide in the area.

In this guide we will only be featuring the best neighborhoods of St. Petersburg and many of the neighborhoods will be clickable so you can read in greater details if you find one that catches your interest.

You might be wondering how we came up with this list? When we decide on a top neighborhood in St Pete we are basing it on many factors. The location, uniqueness of the neighborhood, nearby amenities, name recognition, style and character, feedback from the community, and more!

Without further adieu, let’s jump into our list of neighborhoods (in no particular order):

Jungle Prada

Where History Meets Nature

The Jungle Prada neighborhood also referred to as “The Jungle” is a small neighborhood located on the Western edge of St Pete near Boca Ciega Bay and close to beaches such as St. Pete Beach and Treasure Island.

Much of the neighborhood can be seen along the brick streets on Park Street N. What’s fascinating about this neighborhood is it has a rich history featuring Al Capone, Babe Ruth, Spanish Explorers, Tocobaga Indians and more! Home to the Admiral Farragut Academy and the historical building that houses Jungle Prada Tavern, residents may encounter Peacocks that roam the neighborhoods and streets.

A tropical paradise, the neighborhood is perfect for people that appreciate history, unique homes, and close proximity towards the top beaches in the United States.

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Historic Old Northeast

The Most Desirable Neighborhood

Old Northeast could be considered the most desirable neighborhood to live in St Pete, if not… one of the most desirable. This historic walkable neighborhood is near a gorgeous waterfront park and is located right next to downtown St. Pete.

Part of the appeal of the neighborhood is the unique homes with many of them being in built in the 1920s. What one might consider the “American Dream,” the unique colonial style of many of the homes will take you back in time and make you never want to leave.

The neighborhood has an association that is very pro-active in organizing events such as neighborhood porch parties, the Candlelight Tour of Homes, and more!

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Crescent Lake

The St. Pete Version Of New York’s Central Park

Centrally located, the Crescent Lake park and neighborhood could be considered similar for St. Pete to how Central Park is to New York City. People from all over come to enjoy the over 52 acres of land to walk their dogs, go for a stroll, play tennis, and embrace outdoor living.

The lake is surrounded by the Crescent Lake neighborhood featuring homes with many interesting architectural styles. Residents enjoy all of the amenities and shops along 4th Street North including Trader Joes, The Sunken Gardens, Great Explorations Children’s Museum and more. It’s also only a couple minutes drive from all the action in downtown St. Pete.

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Historic Kenwood

Famous For Craftsman Bungalows

Oak trees, brick roads, and an architectural style that compliments the rich culture is what you will see for residents living in Historic Kenwood. Often described by those that live there as a true community that is warm and welcoming, it’s not uncommon to see many homeowners sitting out on their front porches enjoying the beautiful lifestyle that Kenwood offers.

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in St. Pete, the neighborhood has gone through many changes over the years including the hard work by residents to get the city council to recognize the neighborhood as an “Artist Enclave.” This designation allows artists to legally teach classes and sell artwork from their homes.

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Bay Pines

Neighborhood Surrounded By Gorgeous Intracoastal Waters

On the western most side of St Pete lies the area known as Bay Pines. With a land area that only spans 1.4 miles, it’s easy to pass through this location without realizing where you are. Bay Pines is home to the VA and also has great restaurants, a park that overlooks Boca Ciega Bay, and is great for residents that want easy access to the beaches minutes away.

Pinellas County is an amazing place to explore, experience events, culture, food, and the tropical lifestyle. The advantage of living in one of the subdivisions in Bay Pines is you reside in one of the most convenient spots to reach all these areas quickly.

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Old Southeast

Peaceful Seaside Community

From the Old Southeast Market to the community garden, residents of Old Southeast enjoy the community you would expect from a great neighborhood. A peaceful area just south of Downtown St. Pete, the neighborhood has a 14 acre waterfront park and is home to the legendary eatery known as The Chattaway.

If you are looking for variety in styles of homes, the neighborhood is filled with many charming options including homes that are zoned for multi-family use for those looking to legally rent and supplement their mortgage payment.

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Historic Uptown

Key West Style Colorful Homes

It’s amazing how many different aspects make this neighborhood so great. Historic Uptown is like a little Key West with colorful homes and lots of details. Many of these homes have an important place in St. Pete history with homes being built as far back as the very early 1900s.

Very close to downtown and the conveniences of 4th Street, walkability is a big advantage of this neighborhood. The neighborhood is rich in vegetation and from just about every angle you can see downtown St. Pete. The community also encourages socialization by putting on several events every year including a New Years eve party and a Mardi Gras block party & parade.

The atmosphere also shows a great appreciation for the arts and pride in the neighborhood. You’ll see murals in Uptown as well as their own neighborhood logo showcased.

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Historic Roser Park

Historic Neighborhood That Feels Like A Step Back In Time

Historic Roser Park is one of the most unique neighborhoods in St. Petersburg. Topographically different than the mostly flat state of Florida, the neighborhood is built around hills and a creek that formed this area over hundreds of years. When you first enter the neighborhood you’ll notice the pace is a lot slower and the vibe is a little different.

It’s calm, peaceful, and the brick roads are all narrow. It truly is like stepping off a time machine back into the early 20th century. The area is a national historic landmark rich in vegetation and it even features it’s own outdoor museum with markers placed throughout the neighborhood.

The neighborhood was originally founded by a philanthropist and entrepreneur named Charles Roser. You may have never heard of him, but he is most famous for creating the Fig Newton.

He recognized the opportunity in this area and it is even said that when he started selling lots he required prospective owners to send him the architectural plans before he allowed them to purchase so he could make sure homes were unique. There’s a great variety of homes in this neighborhood and as you look around you can see the old-fashioned atmosphere.

You’ll see ornamental street lights, hexagon sidewalks, and craftsman styles homes throughout. If you are looking for a neighborhood that has a sense of community and is only about a mile from Central Avenue, you’ll want to check out this national treasure.

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Coquina Key

Island Lifestyle

The little island of Coquina key has a rich history formerly known as “Goat Island” and “Lewis Island”.  This tropical oasis offers both Single Family Homes and Condominiums.

Residents share a park called Coquina Key Park which has many amenities including: Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, A Dog Park, Playground, Cooking Area, and over 16 acres of land. Properties range from the low 100,000 dollar range with condos all the way to million dollar homes that sit on the water.

The island is protected by a sand bar that stops excessive waves and there are only two bridges that connect it to the mainland minimizing traffic. Residents enjoy access to beautiful views of Tampa Bay and are able to get more home for the money than similar homes north of downtown along the water.

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Shore Acres

Water-Front Oasis Close To Local Amenities And Attractions

Shore Acres is a gorgeous water-front neighborhood located just North-East of downtown St. Petersburg. The neighborhood is quite large compared to other St. Pete subdivisions. The community features a variety of homes from ranch-style block construction homes to Mediterranean style million dollar mansions that have breath-taking views of Tampa Bay and Weedon Isle Preserve.

Many streets in this neighborhood are named after States such as Alabama Ave, Michigan Ave, and Kansas Ave to name a few. So if you end up meeting someone in the area that says they live on a road named after a state, there’s a good chance they might live in Shore Acres.

Part of the appeal of Shore Acres is how catering the neighborhood is to families and people that like to get out and walk or ride a bike. The neighborhood houses it’s own Elementary School – Shore Acres Elementary and because of the location of the neighborhood there are many low traffic winding streets that are perfect for bikers and runners alike.

Most homes in this neighborhood are about a 10-15 minute commute from downtown St. Pete and a 5-10 minute commute from the many businesses located on 4th Street North such as Trader Joes, Red Mesa, Publix, and the Melting Pot.

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Euclid/St. Paul

Historic Area With Close Proximity To I-275

Euclid/St. Paul originally started off as an Orange Grove in the early 1900s. Today, it is a beautiful neighborhood with a lot of historical charm just outside of downtown St Pete. Next to Crescent Lake and only a few blocks West of Old Northeast (one of the more expensive neighborhoods in St. Pete), the area still has a lot of room for growth as bordering streets 16th St N and MLK continue to develop.

While the neighborhood doesn’t have it’s own park, it’s within walking distance of 2 great parks: Woodlawn Park and Crescent Lake.

Neighbors describe the area as a very social environment with neighborhood porch parties, socials, and an event during Halloween the neighborhood puts on called the Haunted Hike. With a welcoming and laid-back community, future home owners will have a wide variety of options with home styles.

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Bayway Isles

Guarded Island Sanctuary

Bayway Isles is a two island community of 200 homes located just between the mainland of Pinellas County and our award-winning beaches. The boundaries are 58th Avenue South to 62nd Avenue South and 51st Street South to Leeland Street South.

The islands even feature 4 lakes and are 24 hour guarded and deed-restricted. Many of the homes have beautiful views of Boca Ciega Bay.

The neighborhood is one of the last artificial islands created in Pinellas County in the 1960’s. Homes range from the low 500’s to multi-million dollar properties on the water. If you can’t decide between the beach and St. Pete, why not have both? Residents of this luxurious community enjoy the best of both worlds in a prestigious area.

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Live In The Center Of The Action

While there are many advantages to living in the residential neighborhoods around downtown St. Pete, there’s something exhilarating about being able to live in a condo in the downtown area. Many of the condos feature rooftop common areas that have breathtaking views of the city.

Like to entertain? What better way to be immersed in the lifestyle of St. Pete than showing guests your condo amenities and walking straight down into downtown with all the options for entertainment.

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Warehouse Arts District

Up & Coming Neighborhood With A Lively Art Scene

Located right next to the Grand Central District, the Warehouse Arts District goes by many names including Palmetto Park and South Kenwood. The area is an up & coming neighborhood that has seen an increase in development over the past few years.

Often considered an artist utopia, the area is very walkable and has many commercial warehouses that serve as art studios, local shops, and breweries. Some residents of the neighborhood have described the area as full of energy and fun activities.

Notable spots to check out in this neighborhood are: Three Daughters Brewing, Morean Center For Clay, Duncan McClellan Art Gallery, Cage Brewing, and Pinellas Ale Works to name a few. One of the advantages of owning in this neighborhood is you get walkability without having to pay downtown prices for property.

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Tierra Verde

Boaters Paradise

Tierra Verde is technically part of the unincorporated portion of Pinellas County but because of it’s proximity towards St. Pete it is often seen as part of The Burg. Most properties on the island start in the high 700s to multi-million dollar ranges for water-front homes. There are a few condos and townhomes that pop up from time to time in the 300s – 700s range as well. What’s interesting about this area is there’s only one point of entry and exit to the islands by land via the Pinellas Bayway Bridge.

The first thing you see when you drive over the bridge is the Tierra Verde Marina and Boat Storage Facility. Near that facility is a gas station, a Food Mart and Subway, and the Island Grille & Raw Bar. The town also borders Fort De Soto Park and is the perfect place for people that enjoy privacy and a boaters lifestyle. I even threw in a shot in the picture above of Chris and I out on the boat enjoying this boaters paradise!

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Grand Central District

Where The Locals Go

The Grand Central District has become one of the most featured areas to visit in downtown St Petersburg. Highlighted in the Boston Globe, this arts/entertainment district represents the western part of downtown stretching from 16th Street to 31st Street along 3 avenues – Central, 1st Ave South, and 1st Ave North. Known as the place “the locals go”, the area is thriving with culture featuring different events and festivals year-round.

There are a mix of townhomes, condos, and even some single family owns that pop up on the market in this area but they are rare.

Many of the surrounding neighborhoods get to enjoy the creative energy of Grand Central. One of the best parts of living in or near Grand Central is the walkability to many hot bars and restaurants. Downtown rent has skyrocketed over the past few years and many creative businesses are setting up shop in the more rent-friendly Grand Central District.

The rapid growth of the area can be seen through construction, shops that remained empty for years getting filled and a culture fueled by the art scene.

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Shaded Brick Streets

Allendale is a beautiful neighborhood located just north of downtown St. Petersburg. The area features easy access to the interstate, restaurants, shopping, and downtown. One of the things Allendale is known for are the stunning oak trees that provide shade to many of the streets within it’s boundaries.

The area went through a few waves of construction including many large estate homes built in the early 1920s and 1930s. There are also homes built in the 1950s and 1960s and even some more modern ones. This creates a neighborhood with varied architectural styles. The neighborhood was originally founded by a brick mason from New York named Cade B. Allendale who purchased 160 acres of land and took advantage of more people wanting to be out of flood zones after a recent hurricane. The boundaries of the neighborhood are between 34th Ave North and 42nd Ave North and the streets 7th to MLK (9th). It also includes the area bettwen 34th Avenue North and 38th Avenue North between MLK and Haines Road.

If you are looking for an elegant shaded neighborhood where most homes don’t require flood insurance, this subdivision may be the perfect fit for you.

Pinellas Point

Southernmost Tip Of Pinellas County

At the bottom of Pinellas County is the area known as Pinellas Point. This location is comprised of multiple neighborhoods including a beautiful park called Lake Vista Park, a neighborhood built around a golf course and an area famously known as the Pink Streets (concrete pink streets where many waterfront homes are located).

Most homes in this area were built in either the 1920s or 1950s with a combination of wood-frame and block construction homes. Most of the area is located in non-flood zones and residents enjoy easy access to the beaches and downtown St. Pete. (Read More About The Neighborhood Here)

Snell Isle

Exclusive Neighborhood

Home to the Vinoy Golf Club, there’s something powerful about telling people you live in Snell Isle. Built in 1925 by Perry Snell, the neighborhood was designed from the start to be an upscale community. Out of the top 5 most expensive sales in St. Pete last year, 3 of them were in Snell Isle.

Residents of Snell Isle truly have it all. A picture perfect water-front community with great walkability, close proximity to downtown and magnificent views of the water. Many of the homes in this neighborhood are more modern with larger yards and luxurious options.

Venetian Isles

Upscale Waterfront Neighborhood

Featuring only a little over 500+ homes, the upscale neighborhood of Venetian Isles is one of the most prestigious and expensive neighborhoods in St Petersburg, Florida. Connected to the mainland via a series of bridges at Overlook Drive, Grand Canal Boulevard, and Mermaid Point, the homes situated on these man-made finger islands enjoy panoramic open water views of Tampa Bay.

A boaters paradise, almost all of the waterfront homes are equipped with a private dock that sits on deep protected water. These deep waters are ideal for sail boats and power boats and enjoying the tropical lifestyle. One interesting fact about the neighborhood is it reaches out further east than any other waterfront development in Pinellas County giving what some may argue are the best views in St. Pete.

This premier waterfront community features many multi-million dollar homes built primarily in the mid to late 1960s and early 1970s. If you are looking to enjoy close proximity to downtown St Pete while still enjoying a highly maintained deed-restricted neighborhood with water access, this may be the perfect neighborhood for you.

Placido Bayou

Large Neighborhood Of Lakes

Featuring 10 lakes, Placido Bayou is a large gated community comprised of over 360 acres of land. Located just West of Shore Acres, this waterfront paradise is bordered by mangroves and a natural preserve. Residents looking for security will rest easy knowing the community is guarded by a guard at all times of the day. Placido takes it’s name from the Latin word “Placidus” which means “quiet and calm.”

This is a great representation of the neighborhood as residents describe the area as very peaceful. Home to a variety of wildlife, residents who enjoy the outdoors will appreciate this community. Some of the amenities include fishing spots, great walking opportunities and close proximity to downtown St. Pete. Residents of Placido Bayou aren’t limited to Single Family Homes as the area also features Condos and Townhome options as well.

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Final Thoughts

St. Pete over the years is becoming one of the most desired cities to live in Pinellas County. We will continue to update this guide so don’t forget to add it to your bookmarks.

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