December 2018 Monthly Real Estate Update

December 4, 2018 by The727Team

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Interesting Real Estate Stat For This Edition:

Every month we’ll pull an interesting stat for you directly from our MLS for Pinellas County.

We often get asked: “Is Pinellas County a seasonal market?” or “Is there a better time to buy or sell?”  The interesting thing about our market is we aren’t effected by brutal winters you’ll see in other climates that slow down the real estate markets.

Because of our tourist economy and the cycles of people that visit here every year, our real estate market is year-round.

Time frame is from January 2017 to December 2018

Property Type: Residential

Pinellas County

Results calculated from 45,000 listings


The stats above reflect the number of active residential listings by month in Pinellas County. Here’s the raw data and then we’ll dive into this more:

In the year 2017, the peak for # of listings was 6,371 in January, and the low was 5,440 in December.  For 2018, the peak was November with 5,968 and the low was September with 5,569.

As you can see neither year has a huge fluctuation in inventory and there really isn’t a set timeframe for peaks or drops in inventory. The same goes for buyer demand.

Although there’s no stats to pull from for the number of active buyers in the area, we can say from our personal experiences that the demand stays pretty consistent throughout with fluctuations only being driven by the economy as a whole and interest rates.

How Can You Use This Information To Help You

Knowing the numbers in the local market is half the battle. We like to keep our clients educated so they can make informed decisions on the timing and not be deterred by false information.

If you are looking to buy or sell in this area, you can now worry less about the time of year and focus more on getting yourself or your home prepared to enter the market.


Recommended Articles Of The Month:

For this update, we’ll highlight some must-reads we’ve written:

Looking For New Construction In St Pete – This article is full of tips to help you if you are looking to buy new construction in St Petersburg, FL.


Moving From South Carolina To Florida – In this post, Ryan talks about his relocation to Florida back in 2010. If you are moving from another state especially for the first time, you may be wondering what the transition will be like. This article will provide more insight.

Real Estate Local News:

Here are some local news stories you may enjoy!

Consider Real Estate Investing –  This article gives some interesting insight into investing in real estate as opposed to other asset classes such as stocks and bonds.

Real Estate 2019 – 97% of real estate investors plan to increase their capital allocation for real estate in the next 18 months.

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