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June 15, 2017 by The727Team

I have lived in St. Pete since early 2013 and have patronized many establishments since my arrival. I always recognize when a business goes above and beyond and when that happens, I feel the need to share with the local community. We live in the most densely populated county in Florida so most of these businesses have plenty of competition.

For this blog series I’ll be highlighting one establishment for each category. Today’s post is for my go-to car repair shop in St. Pete – European Performance.

When you own a European car, you typically need to find a reputable shop that doesn’t charge the absurd prices of a dealership. Having a go-to shop will help you maintain your car properly so the possibility of an expensive breakdown is not as likely.

It’s helpful to have a shop that is thoroughly experienced with European vehicles so they can spot any potential warning signs and give you a heads up before something routine turns into a disaster. It’s also important that these people are honest with you and are not going to sell you on any work that doesn’t actually need to be done.

This has been my experience with European Performance while owning two different cars over the past 4 years and that’s why I trust them.

Ever since I walked in there the first time I’ve been impressed. Their shop employs some relaxed yet professional guys that have been nothing but helpful to me. Their relaxed demeanor put me at ease and set the tone knowing that everything will be taken care of no problem.

It’s important to note that the majority of their clients are driving cars worth more than I make in a year – Bentleys, Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris high end BMWs, Audis and Mercedes. Regardless, they treat me and my 2007 BMW (which happens to be my favorite car in the world) with respect and professionalism.

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My second favorite car in the world

This shop is full service. When I drop my car off they have someone on duty to give you a ride where you need to go and they will come pick you up when your car is ready. They also hand wash your car when they’re done which I really appreciated.

Located right on the edge of Downtown St. Pete at 930 4th Ave N, this shop is easy to find. From old school BMWs to those cars that cost more than my house, you will find that European Performance is the best place in St. Pete to go for reliable, honest European car maintenance and repair. Be sure to check it out!

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