Exclusive HD Video Tours

Video evokes emotion giving you a 24/7 open house that can reach out of state and international buyers.

In today’s world consumers are looking for more information through the internet.  There is tremendous value in getting a video walk-through done of your home.  We were one of the first agents in this area that started doing these video tours for all of our listings.
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We still remain one of the few agents that provide this service free of cost for anyone that decides to list their home with us.  If you or someone you know is thinking of selling, we’d love the opportunity to give you an advantage and win your business!

All video services are done in-house.  Yes, not only are we realtors, but we are professional photographers and videographers as well.

For our video services, we use stabilization equipment and DSLR cameras to create a high quality video. The video style gives the consumer the feeling as if they were floating through the house.

You’ll see our videos are very similar because the style is very effective. The goal is to connect the rooms and give the consumer a complete understanding of the layout of the house.

We are confident our service is superior to any other services provided on the market and we’ll be happy to discuss the details on why it’s the most effective.

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