First Time Buyer Tip: Don’t Ignore The Roof Over Your Head

November 23, 2016 by Jeremy Rivera

First time buyers tend to look inwards at the interior when they first take possession of their new purchase. Time and considerable effort goes towards interior decorations and kitchen remodeling projects rather than looking at the exterior of the property first.

Details like replacing the old carpeting, replacing hollow-core doors with energy efficient steel doors, putting in hardwood floors in rooms on the ground floor, repainting walls, and other areas that need some love is often where the main attention goes in the first few days and weeks of home ownership.

This situation is a natural one because it speaks the tendency to want to nest in the home. Overhauling the look and feel of the place to make it feel like their home rather than the previous owners’ home is the unstated goal. The satisfied feeling that a home makeover can deliver is priceless for most homeowners once the dust has settled on the changes that they’ve made.

The Responsibility of Home Ownership

One of the less exciting or glamorous aspects of home ownership is the repairs and maintenance aspect which quite often don’t get tended to anywhere near as often as they should to keep the home in good repair.

A recent survey showed that 1/5 people who bought their first home had regrets and 37% of those regrets came from underestimating the cost of maintaining a home!
Money gets invested into remodeling, where it often should have been invested in repairs and maintenance, including replacing parts of the home structure or crucial equipment like heaters or water boilers that have seen their best days.

It is important to get ahead of any home repairs before they become a problem, because quite often when left unattended, the problem can snowball into an expensive nightmare that could have been largely avoided.

Roofing Is Critical

Roofing is one aspect of the home that is only thought about when there is a major roof leak problem. An inspection of the roof should be performed before the home is purchased.

Look for the following information:

Installer – Who added the roof and do they have a professional reputation locally?
Materials – What materials have been used for the roof.
Age – The older the roof, the more likely that the roof will need to be repaired sooner rather than later.
Last Inspection date – When was the roof last inspected and what was written in the official roof report?
Previous repairs – Have there been any previous repairs since the roof was originally added?
Warranties – Are there any outstanding warranties that provide coverage?

When armed with this knowledge, it will be easier for first time homeowners to deal with any roof repairs required, in particular:

How soon a roof inspection is needed
The cost of a roof repair
When a complete roof replacement might become necessary
Finding good roofers


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First time buyers also need to understand that a damaged roof can cause damage from water leaking or a partial roof collapse. This can include damage to masonry walls, the foundation of the property, aluminum siding, and doors and windows.

Get on Board Now With Roof Maintenance

For first time buyers who have no previous knowledge of roofing maintenance, the roof inspection provides a starting point and a good indication of what to expect in the future.

Deal With The Roof Before Onset of Winter

It might seem like an obvious point, but getting a roof inspection completed before winter sets in is the best idea. Don’t delay.

Professional roof inspectors, here’s some tips on how to qualify them,  should be tasked with the responsibility to determine the current state of the roof, including any improvements made since the roof was originally added. An inspection of the roof helps to avoid subsequent unintended damage to the structure of the home, and protects the interior, including decorations and furnishings too.

Semi-Annual Roof Inspections

You really should consider adding this to your expected maintenance budget. It’s generally a good idea to have a professional roof inspection performed during the summer-time and just after winter has ended.

The semi-annual inspection may seem like overkill to first time homeowners, but it actually helps to avoid issues from the sun or strong winds or freezing conditions that occurred since the last time the property was inspected. Left unattended, the roof could deteriorate quickly follow recent damage.

A certified roofing inspector like this roofer is likely to look at more than the roof alone. They will want to look at certain components of a roofing arrangement, such as:

Roof decking
Roof shingles
Attic and its insulation
Ventilation arrangements
Caulking and flashing
Gutters & drainage

Any issues highlighted by an inspector should be attended to immediately in order to avoid more serious damage occurring because of a problem with the roof. Therefore, it is a good idea to put aside a certain amount of money every month towards home repairs and maintenance to be able to deal with issues as they arise, rather than being caught by surprise.

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