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June 23, 2017 by The727Team

So you’ve decided to relocate to Clearwater, FL and you have some questions… Well you’ve come to the right place.  Often times people assume that Clearwater Beach is it’s own city separate from Clearwater, but this is not the case.  As local realtors, we often times have to distinguish the differences between areas and we’ll dive right into what makes Clearwater a great choice to move to.

1. Where Exactly Is Clearwater?

Clearwater is a rather large area compared to most cities in Pinellas covering around 40 square miles. When we have people come to us saying they’d like to buy a house in Clearwater, we tend to ask them how close they want to live to the beach.  Since Clearwater is so large, it expands all the way across northern Pinellas county.

Clearwater Properties For Sale

This means if you love the beach, your commute could be anywhere from being right on the beach to around a 30 minute drive.

Clearwater Beach Properties For Sale

Clearwater is a very popular tourist destination, so don’t be surprised when describing the location that people will only think of Clearwater Beach.

2. How Much Do Homes Cost In Clearwater?

They vary A LOT.  Location, location, location… you will typically pay more and more the closer you live near the beach.  We’ll eliminate condos for this comparison and just stick with single family homes.  At the time of this posting in June 2017, there are 357 Single Family Homes On The Market in the Clearwater/Clearwater Beach area.  The cheapest is $69,000 and the most expensive is over 3.5 Million.

Everyone’s budget and tastes are different, but I’ve found that usually $200,000 and up is a good starting point if you want to find a decent home.

Clearwater Sales History

If you throw all residential property (condos, single family, townhomes, etc.) in Clearwater and Clearwater Beach into consideration, there were:

3,402 homes that sold in 2013

3,510 homes that sold in 2014

4,041 homes that sold in 2016

1,708 homes that sold half way through 2017

3. Are There Plenty Of Jobs There?

Now we aren’t recruiters, however as realtors we meet a lot of new people every week and get a general sense of the job market.  Clearwater is a little more competitive and difficult to find a job in than some other cities across Florida.  Now that’s a broad stroke to define that market, but I say that because it really is going to depend on your background.

There’s a lot of service based jobs in Clearwater,  and depending on your industry hopefully you’ll have something lined up before you make the relocation. I’ve met several people that are fortunate enough to have jobs that let them work from anywhere in the US or sometimes even the world, so maybe you are one of those people.

Some of the biggest employers in Clearwater are:

Tech Data Corp.


Morton Plant Hospital

Honeywell, Inc.

Special Data Processing, Inc.

The good news is that many people that live in the Tampa Bay Area are used to commuting.  If you truly want to experience the area, where you work and play may be two different cities.  I know many people that work in Tampa Bay which is very industrial and has many large employers and live in Pinellas County.

4. Can I Talk With You Or Meet You?

Absolutely!  Even if you are not ready to buy a house yet, we will be happy to answer any questions you have about the area.  We have a very active meetup group that we created called The Pinellas County Meetup.  This group has a variety of ages and people from different walks of life that are eager to network, make new friends, and have a good time.  Our group hosts on average 4-5 events a week.


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5. Can You Recommend A Lender?

We would love to help you with that!  We are always updating our lender page with our top recommended professionals.  Email us at or give us a call and we’ll put you in good hands.


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