How To Write An Offer Letter That Will Win Over The Sellers

April 4, 2017 by The727Team


Take time to connect…

Real estate always comes back to the people that are involved.  Both buyers and sellers are emotionally invested even if they think it’s cleverly hidden away.  In a sellers market, competition can get very fierce especially here in Pinellas County.

Often times, homes that are priced right and desirable can go under contract in the first few days they are on the market.  This creates an intense need for buyers to stand out especially when the seller is receiving multiple offers.

Is there a way to beat the competition and better your chances of securing the home of your dreams?

Why yes… yes there is.  Join us as the 727 Real Estate Team discusses one of their strategies to help their buyers win the hearts of the sellers.

Real Estate Cover Letter

Writing An Offer Letter – Be Sincere With Your Design

The more time you put into a cover-letter, the better chance you’ll have of winning over the sellers.  Handing over the keys to a house is not always easy for people.  Most sellers like to know that they are selling their property to good people.  

Taking the time to hand-write a letter or picking a beautiful design that is sincere and warm can help grab the sellers attention in what otherwise may be a numbers-only game (focused on the offer prices and terms).

Love The House

Ok, so it’s a house you love but maybe there’s a few things you don’t like about it. Make sure you leave the negative things out.  This is your opportunity to shine and make the seller feel great about their home. Tell them what you love and how you’ll use certain things.  

The biggest thing to remember…. tell them why you love their home.  That “why” is what will allow you to build a connection with the sellers and be radically better than your competition.


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Establish Common Ground

Doing a little research on the sellers isn’t a half bad idea.  With social media you can often find people’s profiles (don’t add them as this could kill the deal).  By looking them up, or seeing if any information has been freely disclosed between the listing agent and your buyers agent, you can establish common ground.

What do I mean by this?

Let’s say for instance you find out or notice something related to golf that establishes one of the sellers plays golf.  You can take this information, especially if you play golf, and in your cover-letter talk about how you play golf and how one of the parts of the house will be perfect for your equipment.

A Little Humor Goes A Long Way

Going back to common ground… being funny could seal the deal.  Maybe you know the sellers have small children and you do a funny photo-shoot with your kids.  

Or maybe you see the sellers have a hot-tub and you show them your current $99 blow-up pool in a picture.  Every situation is different, but wouldn’t you be more inclined to choose an offer where you can relate to the people over an offer with no personality?

Know Your Situation And Form Your Strategy

Not all scenarios have need for a cover letter… however…

If the competition is fierce and you choose us to represent you in purchasing a property, we will help you create a cover letter that will have a lasting impact on the sellers.  We’ve done it many times before, and we consider ourselves to be experts at it.

It usually doesn’t take too long for a home in Pinellas County to go under contract when priced right.  If you’re ready to buy or sell, we are here to help. You can email us at  to get the process started!

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