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November 21, 2016 by The727Team
Jamboree Is Like The Fair

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Waiting a WHOLE year for the Florida Fair to come around is less than ideal.

But do you really have to wait?

Luckily there’s a solution…  it’s called Jamboree and it’s hosted by First Baptist Church Of Indian Rocks every year during the Fall.

What Is Jamboree?

Jamboree 2016

One day I found myself driving through Largo surprised to see a Ferris Wheel, tons of lights, screaming kids, and great smelling food. I knew the Florida State Fair wasn’t until February and it was only November…

After looking into it more I learned that Jamboree had been going on for years and was a highly anticipated event of Largo residents.

So what exactly is Jamboree?

It’s a 4 day carnival filled with food, rides, live music and more! It’s traditionally hosted during early November and has become a resourceful spot for vendors to get their foods and services exposed to the public.

There’s even a Christmas Market that occurs during the event where local artists and shop owners display their goods and crafts and sell them to the general public.

Why Is Jamboree In Largo, FL?

Jamboree Crowd Of People

The key to any successful event is having a great location.  Not only does the First Baptist Church Of Indian Rocks have a large location to accommodate all the people, but the whole event is run by wonderful people.

Everyone is very gracious and kind.  When you arrive, it almost feels like a giant family is getting together and everyone feels safe.

The church has been instrumental in providing a forum for people to connect and the event really helps sell the benefits of moving to Largo, Fl.

Jamboree Hosted By First Baptist Church Of Indian Rocks

Truly Experiencing Jamboree

Jamboree In Largo, FL


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If you have children, you may find yourself at Jamboree for a long time.  Although there’s a lot of people that come out, the perks are most people aren’t waiting in line forever like you may at The Florida State Fair.

My wife and I stopped by for Jamboree 2016 with our 9 month old son and had a great time! From corn fritters to barbecue, there really are a lot of good choices in food.  If you go when they host the Christmas Market inside the church, there are great gifts you can pick up for family and friends for the holidays.

Some More Photos From Jamboree

Jamboree Bourbon Street First Baptist Church Of Indian Rocks Jamboree Largo Florida Jamboree

Final Thoughts

I’ve found that Largo, FL has some of the best culture in Pinellas County.  Jamboree is another glimpse of how that culture can bring people together.  If you get a chance, stop by Jamboree next time it is hosted and give your appreciation and thanks to The First Baptist Church Of Indian Rocks for hosting this event.

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