July 2018 Monthly Real Estate Update

July 14, 2018 by The727Team
Downtown St Pete

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Interesting Real Estate Stat For This Edition:

Every month we’ll pull an interesting stat for you directly from our MLS for Pinellas County.

The stats below reflect the average residential sales price for homes in Pinellas County over the past 10 years (187,814 listings).

The average sales price for a home in Pinellas County was $238,975 in 2008.

The lowest it was in the past 10 years was $166,370 in 2011.

Years after the recession we are now higher as of 2018 than pre-recession home prices with the average sales price being $286,869.

This is due to many factors including a healthier economy, better lending practices and an increased demand from buyers in a sellers market.

Homes appreciated for the county as a whole 8.9% from 2016 to 2017 and 9.3% from 2017 to 2018.  There is a large wave of people that are moving every day to our tropical area.

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Appreciating Market - Pinellas County

Time frame is from Jan 2008 to June 2018

County is ‘Pinellas’

Results calculated from 187,814 listings

Recommended Articles Of The Month:

We’ll recommend the best articles to you that were published since the last update.

Buy A Home With Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies started getting a lot of exposure in late 2017.  We explore how some people are using cryptocurrency to purchase property in Florida.


Live In The Best Waterfront Neighborhoods Near St Pete – If you are going to live on the water why not live in some of the best waterfront neighborhoods in the area?


Real Estate Local News:

Here are some local news stories you may enjoy!

St. Pete To Get Echelman Sculpture –  The city of St Pete is known for the art scene just about everywhere.  It appears that the city will soon be showing off another piece in the form of a Janet Echelman Sculpture.


New Business Development In Madeira Beach – As we continue to see more tourists in the area, development is underway in Madeira Beach to build more condos, hotels, restaurants, and more.


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