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October 31, 2016 by The727Team

Children Statue In Largo Central Park

When you first drive up to Largo Central Park, it’s easy to get taken away with how massive it is.  70+ acres is a lot of land, and they made good use of it.  When I grew up as a kid in South Carolina, I lived on 2 acres, and I felt like that was a lot of land!

One of the most highly discussed parts of Largo Central Park is how well shaded it is. We all know that Florida can sometimes get rough with the sun, so having shade to protect us while we read a book, or take a walk, or even take an afternoon nap for those that are so lucky, is nothing less but another luxury of moving to Largo, FL.

The other part that makes Largo Central Park such a great spot is the people. Everyone is perfectly content taking their patch of the 70 acres to perform an activity, from yoga, to grilling out, to picnics, people are experiencing nature at it’s best.

7 Reasons You Should Experience Largo Central Park

Largo Central Park Map

#1 – Walking The Paths Are Amazing

Largo Central Park

When you’re visiting Largo Central Park for the 1st or 2nd time, there’s a good chance you haven’t seen the entire park due to it’s sheer size.  Luckily, the geniuses behind designing the park have several walking paths that take you on a tour of this lovely piece of nature.

As you walk down the paths, you will find that you will discover all types of hidden secrets.

Largo has some of the most beautiful parks in the county, and it’s safe to say Largo Central Park might be considered by many to be #1.

The beauty of strolling the paths is it’s an easy way to unwind from the day and appreciate the great area we live in.

#2 – You Can Become An Athlete On The Huge Field

Largo Central Park 70 Acres

Looking for a place to play with your kids or relax? There is a HUGE field towards the center of the park where many people have picnics, read books, or turn into super athletes.  

It’s not uncommon to see people throwing frisbees, footballs and more, as the field provides plenty of room to interact! The field is kept clean and maintained allowing for many activities to take place there.


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Due to the sheer size of the field itself, you don’t have to worry too much about being in anyone’s way, but the best times to visit if you are looking to have most of the place to yourself is during the day-time on weekdays.

#3 – Visiting The Memorials Is Truly Humbling

Military Court Of Honor Flags

Largo Central Park is home to the Military Court Of Honor, and many other monuments honoring the brave men and women who have served our country.

It’s not hard to miss as you will see the U.S. flag as well as the flags of the different branches of the military in the center of the court.

People from all over to come to visit these sites and pay their respect.

Although the Military Court Of Honor is the most recognized area of the park honoring veterans and America… there are many elements of the park that celebrate what it means to be an American and freedom.

#4 – Beautiful Statues To Talk About

Largo Central Park Statue

Largo Central Park is filled with statues, many of them depicting children.  These statues really capture the essence of the community of Largo. If you appreciate art, you’ll want to find all these pieces of work scattered throughout the park.

One of our favorites is the statue depicting the children holding hands in a circle.  The level of detail is fascinating!

When Christmas time comes around, it gets even better!

If you stop by and visit the park based on our recommendation, we would love to here what you enjoyed the most by: Contacting Us Here

#5 – Playgrounds – Great Experience For Kids

Largo Central Park Playground

For those that have children, or you have friends that have children, take them to Largo Central Park! Trust me, they’ll thank you for it.  From swings, to slides, and just about everything you can remember when you were a kid, they have it!

Because the park is massive, there’s usually plenty of options children can entertain themselves with.

The playground area is also fenced in adding an extra layer of protection for adults watching over their children.

Are you a parent in the area looking to mingle with other parents?  Be sure to check out the social club we started – Pinellas County Parents Social Club

#6 – Serenity – Relax In Peace

Largo Central Park Fountain

There’s no getting around it, Largo Central Park is pure serenity. If you need to get away from the hot spots with the kids, there’s plenty of serene spots with fountains and whispering trees to relax by.

The great thing about Largo, FL is because we get the coastal breeze, the temperatures aren’t too bad compared to other parts of Florida that are more central.

So even on a hot day… find some shade, and enjoy the sounds and sights.

#7 – Miniature Train – C’mon Ride The Train!

Largo Central Park's Train Railroad

How cool is this?!  Both adults and children can ride on a miniature train that travels throughout the park.

This train takes you through a long tunnel and to all the best parts, all while blowing it’s whistle.  The train typically operates during the weekend.

Largo has done an excellent job in preserving nature and increasing the value of Largo real estate.  If you live in the Largo area, or plan on moving near here, don’t miss out on all that this gorgeous park has to offer!

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