Moving From South Carolina To Florida

June 14, 2017 by The727Team

In July of 2010 I made a huge decision in my life by moving from South Carolina to Florida.  More specifically from Columbia, SC to the Tampa Bay Area in Florida.  This decision was one of the best choices I ever made and led to me living in an area I never want to leave.

If you’re from South Carolina you know that it’s a bit limited on things to do.  Of course there are great cities like Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Greenville that can offer a day of fun, but those limitations can spark the desire to travel.

That’s exactly what happened to me…

Florida Vs South Carolina

Whether you’re into sports or not, one of the first things you’ll probably notice when you move to a new state is new colors, and new sports teams. When I lived in Columbia, South Carolina, it was all about the Gamecocks and Clemson Tigers rivalry. Arriving in Florida, I resided in Brandon for a few months before moving to New Tampa.

With USF being in the Lutz/New Tampa area, I felt like I was in a foreign country seeing the USF bulls and the green and gold colors everywhere.

I also saw people wearing Florida Gators hats and Florida State Seminoles attire.

It was a bit of culture shock and definitely made me feel home sick for a little while.

That quickly wore off as I discovered I was in an area full of events and things to discover.

Here’s a list of some significant differences I noticed…

#1 – Events Everywhere

There is always, and I mean always something to do in the Tampa Bay Area. Tampa Bay is pretty expansive and really is just a term to describe the Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater Metropolitan areas including the counties Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, and Hillsborough.

People get used to driving here if they want to get the full experience.  Many of the cities are rich in culture and are very focused on engaging their communities.

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If you are moving here or considering it, let us know and we’ll be happy to share some great events to check out.

#2 – The Water Views

The water views are gorgeous!  Sure… South Carolina has Myrtle Beach, lakes, and some lesser known beach towns, but in my opinion there is absolutely no comparison.  Take a drive over the Skyway Bridge on a sunny day with your windows down, or go over to Clearwater Beach or even the Howard Franklin into Tampa.

You want to know you are making the right choice? Then visit these areas and take in the tropical lifestyle.

#3 – Real Estate

Yes, I’m a realtor and I am always tracking the market in this area.  Real estate is hot here, and very often Tampa Bay makes the top lists in the country for areas to buy and invest.  Land is becoming more limited in particular cities such as St Petersburg, Largo, and Seminole creating a huge demand to own these properties.

#4 – The Weather

I’m not kidding… I think the weather is great here.  Yes, it gets hot here, but it actually gets hotter in Columbia, SC.  According to, the hottest temperature in Columbia, SC averages 95 degrees fahrenheit in May, all the way up to 107 degrees average high in August.

Take where I live now – Seminole, FL which is part of the Tampa Bay Area, and it’s 94 degrees as the average high in May, and 96 in August.

If you move to other parts of Florida, you may really feel the humidity…. however if you are anywhere near the coast, those coastal breezes help offset some of the heat.

#5 – It’s Florida Y’all

This place is amazing… think about it… people from all over the world travel here all the time.  It’s like a New York or a California, it’s popular for a reason. The cost of living is low compared to the rest of the country and people are friendly and laid back.  I feel sorry for the people that come here on vacation and have to go back home.

I get to live here 24/7 in a tropical paradise. If you’re considering it, hopefully you will to…

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