Moving to Largo, FL? 15 Reasons You’ll Love Living Here!

October 25, 2016 by The727Team


If you’re considering moving to Largo, FL or if you are already on the way,  then you’ll definitely want to read through this article to understand this important city located in Pinellas County.

There are also great resources to connect with people in town including the Pinellas County Meetup which we founded in 2015 and the corresponding Facebook Group where local events and ideas are shared.

#1 – Community – A Major Reason To Move To Largo


Largo, FL is the 4th Largest City in the Tampa Bay Area and expands across Pinellas County. When you visit the different parts of the city, it feels more like a small beach town despite it’s size, and that makes it one of the more appealing places in the county.

There’s a warmth to this area… you really feel it with the smiling faces and beautiful spots you can visit.  Even quirky figures have made an appearance here like the dancing roller blade man.  When schools let out, you’ll see tons of men and women guiding traffic and keeping children secure as they safely make it home.

The community in this area is very STRONG, and once you live here for a few months you will truly begin to appreciate this type of life.

Moving to Largo, FL will put you in a modern day paradise with generations of families living here since it’s establishment in 1905… for many people it’s home, it’s community, and it’s family, You Will Love It Here!

#2 – Nature – Surrounded By Beauty

Beautiful Trees In Largo Central Park

You would expect that a beach town would be overrun with development with no trees beyond palm trees in sight.  Luckily, Largo has placed a priority on preserving nature with an abundance of parks, gardens, and preserves that are visited by people all across the county.

This creates a good variety of areas to visit for people that are looking to unwind, or bring their families for recreation.

Because of the surrounding nature, most of the area is kept clean and there are strict laws enforcing these guidelines.

#3 – Beach – Florida Salt Life

How far are you from the beach? Depending on the area of Largo you live in, it can take you on average – 5 to 15 minutes to feel the sand beneath your feet. That’s right… you’re going to make a lot of people jealous.

Largo primarily borders Indian Rocks Beach and Belleair Beach.  Once you hit the beach though, your options are expansive as going north will take you to popular tourist spots like Clearwater Beach and going south will take you through well known areas like Redington Beach, Madeira Beach, Treasure Island, and the very popular St Pete Beach.

If you’re looking for a more calm and serene beach that isn’t flooded by tourists, hang around Indian Rocks Beach.  It’s convenient since it borders Largo and this beach will give you the best chance to have that tranquil experience.

It’s not uncommon for people to ask you if you want to go watch the Sunset, so don’t be surprised.  Standing on the beach, listening to the ocean and watching the sun fall behind the horizon is truly a breathtaking experience in Largo.

#4 – Affordability of Homes For Sale In Largo, FL

Largo Real Estate is quite competitive when you take into consideration the location and amenities this area offers.  As soon as you set foot on the beach, the prices sky rocket even for the properties that aren’t directly on the shore.

Even the homes that border the intercoastal will show major price fluctuations depending on if you are on the beach side or the mainland.

Those that want to be close to the beach can save a lot of money by choosing to live in Largo.

Whether you’re looking for a starter home, or a large home in a great neighborhood, there are plenty of options available in the city. Many homes were built in the 1960s and 1970s but there are also newer homes available in certain neighborhoods built in the 1990s and 2000s.

#5 – Golf – Life On The Green

You won’t be hard pressed to find a place to tee off in Largo as it is home to several golf courses.  This helps the economy of the area since many vacationers bring revenue to the city. Living in an area that has multiple golf courses also helps property value as it is considered by many to be a luxury sport.

Some of the more popular courses include: Largo Golf Course, East Bay Golf Club, Pinecrest Golf Club, Bayou Club, Fairway Village Golf Course, and East Bay Country Club.

Many of the courses are praised for the people and staff, as these adult playgrounds are meticulously maintained to meet the highest standards.


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#6 – Weather – Tropical Paradise

Largo, FL Temperatures

There’s a lot of misconceptions with people that come to live in Florida in regards to temperature and weather.  Of course, depending on where you’re coming from, Florida does get hot, but there’s something very special about this part of Florida.

Since Largo, FL is situated near the coast, many residents enjoy the coastal winds that help offset some of the higher temperatures.  What this means is, for most of the year, it actually feels really nice here.

It’s not uncommon for the temperature to average in the mid to low 70s for half of the year. Even during the hotter summer months, it’s more bareable here compared to central parts of Florida.

Many people joke about rain in this area as we often see storms start and stop all within the span of a few minutes.  The weather is ultimately fitting for those that want to avoid snow and extreme cold and live their life in a tropical paradise.

#7 – Sports – Many Great Choices

Largo, FL stands behind it’s sports teams such as the Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Tampa Bay Rays.  Although the city itself doesn’t have any widely recognized sports teams, it is home to many recreation centers and leagues.

If you are looking for recreational sports, check out Largo Sports Complex and Highland Recreation Complex.  Both centers offer family-oriented sports and a variety of fields for local sports teams to practice and play.

#8 – Location – The Center Of It All

When I first moved to Florida, I realized how unique every city was, and how important it would be to get comfortable driving.

Living in Pinellas County is not about sticking to one city, it’s about having the opportunity to explore the area and living the true Florida lifestyle.

Largo wins hands down compared to the other cities because of the location.  Being in the center of the county means you cut down on commute time to many of the attractions and places you may want to visit.

A good portion of people who live in St Petersburg rarely travel outside the city due to the longer commute times to get to other major destinations.

If you live in Largo, this is different, because 20-30 minutes in any direction, and you can usually hit all the major destinations to be in Pinellas County like Clearwater Beach, Dunedin, St Pete, and more!

You’ll also find there are many great thoroughfares to take like I-275 and US Highway 19 which make it very easy to get to top destinations quickly.

#9 – Food – Seafood and Local Treasures For Foodies

I hope you like seafood because that’s what this area is known for!  Don’t fear foodies,  the good news is if you don’t like seafood, there’s still plenty of good choices, but if you’re going to live by the ocean, be ready to embrace it!

Although many of the best sea food restaurants are technically on the beach, depending on the part of Largo you live in, they are close enough to be considered part of the Largo lifestyle.

From Florida grouper, to shrimp, to stone crab, there are a variety of absolutely delicious choices to pick that are all FRESH.  I’ve found that has been a great resource for us marking off our list of highly rated places to visit.

If you don’t partake in the food of the sea, Largo has some great pizza places such as: Charlie & Millie’s Pizza and Bella Italia Italian Restaurant.  There are also a variety of BBQ places, Burger spots, and even Cuban sandwich shops that you’ll want to look up if that’s your cup of tea.

#10 – Parks – Largo Has A Wide Variety Of Parks

Ulmer Park

Like to run?  Looking for a place for the children to play?  Whatever your reason, Largo has many parks that can accommodate.  Some of the more well known ones are:

George C. McGough Nature Park, Largo Central Park, John R. Bonner Nature Park, Ridgecrest Park, John S. Taylor Park, Bayhead Action Park, Woodrow Park, Ulmer Park, Lake Villa Park, Eagle Lake Park, Donegan Park, Pinebrook Park, Walsingham Park (on the Largo/Seminole border), and The Florida Botanical Gardens.

Some of the things people say about these parks are there are majestic trees, great places to grill, these areas are perfect for hanging out with the kids, many of them have great trails, and more!

#11 – Culture – From Vacationers To Natives

Military Court Of Honor Located In Largo Central ParkThe culture of Largo, FL is very diverse as you’ll find many people that live here are not natives of Florida. In October through May, you’ll find many snowbirds from the Northeast US and Canadians visit the area, or come here to stay in their vacation homes or condos.

Traffic does tend to pick up, so it’s something you’ll need to become accustomed to when living in a popular tourist destination.

There are also plenty of Florida natives here, and many of them have families that have lived here for generations.

What makes Largo have such a rich culture is the embracement of diversity, and the ability for people to express themselves from all walks of life, and areas of the world, all while having a good time.

#12 – Trails – Runners and Bikers Love It Here!

There are many trails and walking/biking paths available throughout the city.  The most popular and well-known is Pinellas Trail which stretches all the way across the county from Tarpon Springs in the north to St Petersburg in the south.

This trail crosses through many major streets, so if you need to take a break, there are plenty of cities to visit throughout the way. Going back to the advantages of Largo, you can easily bike or run (if you’re really up to the challenge) most places due to the convenience of the trail and Largo’s central location.

Many of the parks also have trails for people to walk and ride on making this an ideal area to live for those that wish to be active outside.

#13 – Shopping – Convenient Options

Largo has great choices for shopping with the most popular being Largo Mall.  Just off Ulmerton Road, one of the main roads that runs through Largo, this outdoor shopping plaza has tons of restaurants, grocery stores, retail outlets, and more!

As you travel throughout the city, you’ll notice there isn’t a lot of vacant land.  Businesses line the streets as you drive through the city, which is great for us as consumers because it gives us a ton of choices for our shopping needs.

#14 – Events – Always Things To Do

There are 100s of events that occur each year in Largo, FL, and many of them bring people from all over the county.  Like the fair? Every year the First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks hosts Jamboree in Largo, FL.  Jamboree is like a mini-fair complete with a ferris wheel, rides, and great food!

The Florida Botanical Gardens hosts their Holiday Lights In The Garden every year where you can see 10s of thousands of Christmas Lights in this beautiful utopia.

The city and the surrounding businesses do a great job in keeping activities posted every week and this is just another reason why so many people choose to settle down in Largo, FL.

#15 – Schools – Award Winning Education

There are over a dozen choices in schools located in Largo, FL.  Some of them are award winning schools including the widely recognized Oakhurst Elementary.

If you’re a parent, there are many school resources that can help you determine the quality of schools your children will participate in, and Largo also offers some highly acclaimed private school choices as well like Indian Rocks Christian School, Country Day School and the charter school Plato Academy.

We set up another page for many of the school questions we’ve received over the years – check it out: Pinellas County School FAQ

Final Thoughts On Relocating To Largo, FL

As someone who moved to Largo, FL myself, I’d like to share some of my experiences with you.  After leaving Columbia, SC, I moved about the Tampa Bay Area from Brandon to New Tampa to Clearwater and finally Largo.

It was great to sample living in these different cities, but when I first arrived in Largo, I knew I had found somewhere very special.

Having the ability to go to all my favorite spots within 20-30 minutes tops is perfect for me, and I love being in a beach town.  With a family and a child I feel safe here, and I trust in the community around me.

I also believe in the long-term value of the area.  When you look at the real estate for sale in Largo, FL over a long period of time, you’ll notice there is an increased demand because the land is so limited.

There is so much opportunity here, and I believe if you choose to make this place your home, you’ll be glad you did.

I hope you enjoyed reading the 15 Reasons to move to Largo, FL!  If so, please share it with friends and family!

If there’s any questions we can answer for you about the area, or if you have any real estate needs, please feel free  to email us at or you can use our contact form: Contact Us

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