Pinellas County Young “Professionals” October Newsletter

October 4, 2022 by The727Team

Welcome to the best monthly newsletter in St. Pete and possibly the known universe. My goal for this monthly newsletter is to highlight the best events happening within the Pinellas County Young “Professionals” Meetup group as well as other awesome things going on in the St. Pete area. I may add some sprinkles on top like a member highlight and/or local real estate update.

We will keep this short and sweet. Here’s what you can expect in this 2 minute newsletter

  • Event schedule for Pinellas County Young “Professionals”
  • Potential events that could use some feedback
  • Links to other sweet events in the St. Pete area
  • Member highlight of the month
  • Local real estate update

Upcoming Events


Tonight Ryan is hosting a happy hour event at Cage Brewing. It’s also his birthday week so it would be nice of you to buy him a drank or two. Here’s the link, starts at 6

Tomorrow we have a fitness event for all you over achievers. Christa will be hosting a HIIT workout at North Straub Park. I’ve never met her but she’s a frand of a frand and comes highly recommended. Weather is going to be perfect all this week so get out there and get your HIIT on. Here’s the link.

Next Wednesday Ryan is hosting a happy hour at Oak & Stone. If you’ve never been it’s one of those get a wristband and sample all the beer you can spots, pretty sweet. Their pizza is solid too. Here’s the link.

There will be an off week and then the next happy hour Ryan is hosting will be at Grand Central Brewhouse on Wednesday October 26th. Here’s the link.

That weekend I’ll be hosting a “Booyah” where we get our costumes on, bust out the ouija board, have a bonfire and probably summon the devil. It’s potluck style – bring food and something to drink if you drink. I’ll have a bonfire ready to go. If you want to bring weed I’ll be happy to smoke it with you, maybe we’ll throw it in my hookah. Here’s the link.

Potential Events

We had a meetup at Spa Beach at the pier once, highly recommend.

I’m throwing around some ideas for November as the weather cools down. Considering putting together an island camping trip on Shell Key. I did this once before – we reserve a spot on the beach and then it’s like $40 for the ferry there and back. We would camp overnight, bring food, drink and firewood and wake up on the beach. Pretty pleasant experience. I think there was 5 of us last time, might be fun with a bigger group too.

It’s been a while since I’ve done some chill park events. I know not everyone loves the bar scene so sometimes it’s fun to just get together in a park, listen to music and enjoy the evening. My bluetooth speaker just broke so if anyone has one let me know!

Local Events around St. Pete

Here’s a beachfront pool in Clearwater for your viewing pleasure

Good ole Facebook, great for two things – events and boomers arguing about politics. Here’s some FB events I found.

Fall Festival at The Pier – This Saturday and Sunday, October 8th and 9th.

St. Pete Taco & Margs Crawl – This Saturday. Making me regret my decision to take a break from booze.

October Vintage Market – Vintage Marche is an awesome place to get restored antique style furniture. They just moved to a new location which I’ve been meaning to check out. It’s worth it to pay the $5 to get in on Friday before all the good stuff gets bought up. This place helped me furnish my house, highly recommend.

Member Highlight

Lauren & Chill Bill!

These guys have been with the group for a few years now. Lauren knows how to make some bitchin jello shots for boat days and Bill has great tastes in Mazzarro’s sandwiches. They have faith in my ability to drive a pontoon drunk and not kill them so I commend them for that. Fun Fact – They are high school sweethearts. Don’t see that too often!

Real Estate Update

Where are we at on this cycle of market emotions? We hit the height of the market earlier this year and now we’re seeing the most rapid rate of rising interest rates in history. There are definitely still people trying for those higher prices but the demand is not nearly as high as it was last year. For about two years I barely saw any price drops, now I see them daily.

On this chart I think we’re in the fear stage closing in on desperation. Does that mean it’s a bad time to buy? Not necessarily – I don’t have a crystal ball but I think we will continue to higher interest rates for the next couple years at least. Yes we had lower interest rates the past few years but also essentially every home had multiple offers which means less options for buyers. Now homes are staying on the market a bit longer and sellers have to be more accommodating in regards to price, repairs, closing cost credits and concessions.

What’s the move right now if you’re considering buying? It’s a bit of an awkward time since prices are slowly correcting and sellers still have the expectation that they can get the prices that comparable homes sold for 6 months ago. With that said, I think we’re at the point where it’s smart to put in lower offers with homes that have been sitting for a bit. Yes prices may go down a bit more next year but if you see something you like, why not throw in a lower offer and see if they go for it?

Here’s an article I wrote that’s not necessarily about real estate but it does cover the best places to go boating around St. Pete! Top 7 Places to Go Boating Near St. Pete, Florida. 

OK that’s it for the October Newsletter. Thanks for reading and have a great day!!!!