Selling Your Home St. Petersburg / Clearwater

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Hello and welcome to our sellers page!

The purpose of this page is to give you a brief overview of what you can expect from us when we list your home. Without further adieu, here are 5 things you can expect from us during the listing process. 


1. Communication & Transparency

We want to set you up for success. We believe the first step to a successful transaction is getting everyone on the same page. Let us explain to you everything you’re signing and what you can expect from us during the transaction. We will be there for you through the entire process.

You know how frustrating it can be to reach out to someone when you need them and not hear back in a timely manner? That is actually one of the number one complaints the general public has of real estate agents. Ryan and I make it a point to stay in contact with our clients – typically we’re the ones reaching out so you don’t have to come find us.

2. Exposure

If you were going to an important job interview or on a first date would you roll out of bed and go looking like trash? Of course not. Why would you settle for an agent who is going to take sub-par pictures and not show the full potential of your home? I’m sure you already know this – It’s hard to get excited about a property when the pictures have bad lighting and the angles don’t capture the entire space.

We realize how important exposure is to drum up excitement for our listings so we put a lot of effort into it.  All of our listings are photographed professionally and we also produce a 2-3 minute professional video walk through tour that we use to advertise through social media.  I’ll go into detail on this process in the next paragraph. Below are examples of our photography we use for marketing. These photos get uploaded with the listings and posted on major sites like Zillow, Trulia, among others.



Wide Angle Lens captures width and height of room



Proper lighting shows off the full potential of your home


3. Marketing

I just talked about exposure and how we show your home in the best light. Now the question is how do we get it in front of the most people for maximum effect? In the age of social media there are many avenues which help us accomplish this.  When other agents are using pictures, we stand out by marketing our listings with video as we have found it to be the most effective strategy for exposure on social media. Here’s a quick overview of the channels in which people find our listings.

  1. Local Realtor groups. There are multiple groups out there to post listings in before they hit the market. There are thousands of local agents subscribed to these Facebook groups and the majority of them are representing at least one qualified buyer.  Can you imagine getting your home in front of thousands of qualified buyers before it even hits the market? This is one of the most powerful tools we have and is why we always get lots of showings the first two days on market typically resulting in multiple offers.
  2. Our website. We might actually already have a buyer for you. Our website attracts not only local buyers but many out of state buyers as well.
  3. Our personal Network. We share our listings with friends on social media who will let us know if themselves or someone they know is interested. Both of us have lived in Pinellas County for a while and have developed a large network between the two of us.
  4. Local Buy/sell groups on Facebook. This is great exposure for us as well – there’s one group in particular that has over 125k local members.

Below is an example of a video walk through tour of one of our listings we sold earlier this year. Videos like this one will get thousands of views in the first 24 hours.



4. Pricing

It’s common in this market to see agents over price listings by a significant amount. Of course we want to help you get the most money for your home but there’s a couple things to consider to help set you up for success. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when pricing your home.

  • Will it appraise? Most buyers will require financing to purchase their home. When you finance a home your bank will require a licensed appraiser to come out and value the home. Typically appraisers look for comparable homes sold within the past year and within a 1 mile radius. Have your agent show you the sold properties and the breakdown of sold price per square foot. The price per square foot is what the appraiser will apply to the square footage of your home to get a starting value. Additional factors such as pool, garage, renovations will also be considered by the appraiser.
  • Do you want it to sit on the market for a long time? If you over price your home it may give off the impression that you’re not easy to work with if you’re expecting too much. As you gradually lower the price and it sits on the market for a while people tend to assume something might be wrong with it. I think it’s smart to ask a little bit above value to build in room for negotiation however dramatically over pricing your home will ultimately do you a disservice in the end.
  • Is it possible that I’m underpricing my home? I would suggest interviewing multiple agents to get different opinions on price. You may be surprised at how different and/or inaccurate some agents pricing opinions are.

We typically review each others work when it comes to pricing a home correctly. Sometimes one of us will find some new information that the other didn’t see. I know in at least a few instances in the past we’ve found out after the appraisal that we priced listings much more accurately than other agents our clients had interviewed.

5. Attention To Detail

There are many moving pieces during a real estate transaction. It can be a lot to juggle managing financed offers, inspections, repairs, appraisals, obtaining insurance and clearing title. As a listing agent we will make sure the potential buyer is qualified and when it comes to inspection time we will make sure you’re not getting taken advantage of when the buyers ask for repairs. Our goal is to make this process run as smoothly as possible and reduce the stress of the home selling process for you and your family.

Are you preparing to sell your home and need our professional price opinion? Feel free to fill out the boxes below and we’ll be in touch with you.