Solar Power

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We live in an amazing time. Technology has never been advancing faster. Harnessing the power of the Sun used to sound like something out of a science fiction novel but now it’s here and affordable for you to implement on your own home.

Have you ever been curious about incorporating solar energy into your own home? Considering St. Pete is the Sunshine City within the Sunshine State, it may not be a bad idea. 

Benefits of owning a solar system include a fixed, predictable electricity payment, unlimited free energy once your system is paid off, a large tax write off, added value to your home and more benefits that we’ve listed below.

So what are all the benefits of owning a
solar system on your home in Florida?

  •  Going green and using less C02 emissions and fossil fuels.
    The environment will thank you.
  • Having a low, fixed and predictable monthly payment that
    replaces your electric bill.
  • A 30% tax credit of the total system cost
  • Immediately adds value to your home
  • Free solar proposals and no money down.  You pay nothing until after your system is installed and producing energy
  • Once the system is paid off, your electricity is free
  • Real time energy production and consumption monitoring
  • Limitless energy through the sun and no longer renting power from the energy company
  • Warranty for panels and maintenance on your homes solar system

How Can I Qualify For $0 Down?

  • You own your home
  • Your roof is in good condition
  • 650 Minimum Credit Score

Jarryd Thompson – Solar Advisor – POWUR PBC

Jarryd is one of the first people I ever met when I moved to St. Pete in 2013. We’ve been in touch ever since and we even sold him his home in 2016. He decided to get his own solar system installed on his home which is when he realized how great this technology is and decided to get into the business himself. When it comes to business, we’ve found Jarryd to be always available, responsive and pro-active when finding solutions for our needs. Here’s a little bit about his background. 

Jarryd Thompson grew up in Pensacola, Florida and moved down to Tampa where he earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. He graduated in 2013 from the University of South Florida St. Pete and immediately pursued a career as a Healthcare Navigator to assist folks with their enrollment in the Affordable Care Act.

In 2018 he decided to pursue a career in the rapidly expanding solar power industry. Since we live in the Sunshine State it only seems fitting that Florida has taken off in the race for solar. POWUR works with the best solar providers throughout the U.S. to ensure great customer service, quality solar products and the latest and greatest in the solar industry.

Would you like to talk to Jarryd or send him an email with questions about solar power? Feel free to give him a call at 407-334-6146 or you can click here to send him an email.