St. Pete, Florida Millennial Newsletter

May 9, 2024 by The727Team

I don’t really take pics of my dog but good thing my dog sitter does

It’s that time of the year to get those air conditioners cranked! I’ve had a couple issues with my AC systems in the past week and can recommend my go to HVAC company – Phillips AC if you need a referral. Let’s do the short and sweet thing again, we’ll start with some events you may want to check out this weekend.


Mom’s Market at 3 Daughters Saturday 

Mother’s Day Reminder!!! If you have a mom, or are planning on making someone a mom this might be a good event for you. Here’s the link to the Facebook event.

Tacos & Tequila Fest

If you didn’t get enough Tacos & Tequila during Cinco De Mayo this past weekend be sure to check out this event downtown. As promised there will be tacos, tequila and even some live music. Here’s the link.

Artwalk After Dark

I’ve always loved the Second Saturday Artwalk although I’ve never been to this afterparty which looks like it’s a newish event. $20 to make you holla, here’s the link

Featured Rental Listing 

5812 16th Ln S, St. Pete

Are you looking for an updated and spacious townhouse to rent? This townhome is where I lived for over 5 years and I loved it there. This community is a bit quiet considering how it’s mostly older folks that live there but to me that was part of the appeal. Water and Wi-fi included in the $2,000/month rent. Check out the Zillow listing here. 

In Conclusion

This concludes this weeks newsletter. Here’s a message from our supreme world leader master super dragon Klaus Schwab.

As always if you have any questions about residential real estate feel free to call or text me. Also if you need any referrals for contractors, handymen or anyone to do work around your house let me know. Have a good weekend!