St. Pete, Florida Millennial Newsletter

June 21, 2024 by The727Team



The forecast this weekend in St. Pete is looking like a 100% chance of homosexuality. I’ve never been to any pride events but it is obviously a big thing in St. Pete.  I’ve been told I have a lesbian haircut so I’m doing my part!

It’s still the biggest pride celebration in Florida last time I checked. About half the events in the upcoming this weekend tab on Facebook were pride related but here’s the main ones from the official St. Pete Pride website. 

In slightly less gay news, here’s an event we’re planning for next weekend – A little Sunday Funday day drinking for a good cause to get the week of 4th of July off to a good start. $20 to get in of which 100% goes to Friends of Strays. You’ll get 2 drink tickets, access to some catered food from Mazzarros and a goody bag with a sweet ‘Merican bandana for your doggo while supplies last. We’re shooting to cap this event at 25 people.

We’re also raffling off a few bottles of wine, a giftcard for Golden Isles and a giftcard for a 2 hour cleaning from St. Pete Cleaning & Concierge. 

You can sign up on Facebook here or Meetup here.



You may have heard of the upcoming changes in the real estate industry. We’ve received a bit of information but all the details haven’t been hammered out yet. These changes are set to go forth in August. Here’s what we know so far.

  • Listing agents cannot advertise a commission for the buyer’s agent in MLS.
  • Buyer’s agents will be required to have their clients sign a Buyer Brokerage Agreement which is an official agreement stating that this agent will be representing you. These have always been around but I have never used them, now they will be required.
  • This agreement will also state that you’ll be responsible for a certain amount of the buyer’s agent commission if it’s not provided by the seller, however the buyer’s agent will still be able to negotiate commission with the listing agent/seller to try to prevent you from paying anything out of pocket.
  • Most listing agents will explain to their sellers that it’s in their best interest to offer a buyer’s agent commission, if they don’t, they’ll be excluding many potential clients from buying their home. There will be less demand for their home and that’ll likely mean a lower sales price or much longer time on market.
  • VA home buyers who previously weren’t allowed to contribute to anything outside of their own expenses will now be able to contribute to a buyer’s agent commission if necessary.

What should you do as a future home buyer to prepare for these rules going into place? I’d suggest finding an agent you trust and get along with. Ideally someone with experience that is not desperate to close a sale for a paycheck. This process can be long and you need someone with patience.(PS call me 😘)

Next week I’m closing on a house with a client I’ve been working with on and off for 3 years. It’s best to take your time if necessary and not get pressured into making the wrong decision on likely the biggest financial purchase of your life.


That’s it, hope you have a good and safe pride weekend. I’m wrapping up this newsletter so I can go get some drinks and do some people watching. Have a good one!