The Best Up & Coming Neighborhood in Seminole, Florida

July 30, 2018 by The727Team
Ridgewood Groves - Seminole, Florida

Narrowing Down The Best Neighborhoods In Seminole, Florida

Seminole, Florida is filled with many great neighborhoods that could be considered up & coming. The neighborhood you are about to read on is where I decided to purchase my home in early 2017.

When my wife and I were deciding on areas we wanted to live we had narrowed it down to Largo, FL and Seminole, FL

Between the two cities there are 100’s of neighborhoods available so we drove around a lot. As a realtor I was used to visiting many of these neighborhoods and I was able to get my wife’s insights on what was important to her as we scouted for our future home.

We had certain criteria we wanted in our home but the most important thing to us was our location. In a growing market we knew that our location was going to play an important role in long-term value.  Knowing that paint colors can be changed, floors and kitchens can be replaced and so on, our hearts were tied to the saying “good bones, good location.”

Originally I thought we might end up in Largo, I had even written a blog post the previous year on why I thought it was such a great location – 15 Reasons You’ll Love Moving To Largo!

Why We Chose Seminole

The beautiful thing about Seminole is it’s not too difficult to get familiar with the area as it only spans a little over 5 square miles.  Those square miles include a variety of neighborhoods, an outdoor mall, several parks, schools, and a recreation center. After reading this article, if you want to dive deeper into what Seminole has to offer, check out my blog post on – 15 Reasons You’ll Love Moving To Seminole

There has been an interesting development in the past couple of years and that’s the creation of Seminole City Center (a new outdoor mall). Prior to Seminole City Center there was an indoor mall known as Seminole Mall. That mall had become largely abandoned by retailers. Many locals referred to this location as the Dead Mall.

Now Seminole had a second shot with the redevelopment of the mall. With most inhabitants being a few miles from the beach, Seminole was no longer plagued by a dead mall in the heart of it’s community.

After the mall was opened in 2017, new stores started to lease the spaces or construct on the lots. Popular chains such as Chipotle, Earthfare, HomeGoods, LA Fitness, Millers Alehouse and more became part of the community.

Even as of July 2018, not all spaces have been filled in and there’s plenty of room for growth as the mall brings in more jobs, consumers and appreciation to the area.

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Because Seminole is much smaller than most cities in Pinellas, you could say it has gone under the radar. That is slowly starting to change as people realize what a great city Seminole is to live in.

We felt that the development and success of this mall over the years would have a big impact on home prices and buyer demand. So far that continues to be the case as we now have many home renovation companies coming into the area restoring and updating homes helping increasing property values.

Seminole, FL Ridgewood Groves

Ridgewood Groves – The Best Up & Coming Neighborhood In Seminole, Florida

So how did we end up in Ridgewood Groves and why do we believe it’s The Best Up & Coming Neighborhood In Seminole, Florida?

The home we purchased popped up and not only hit most of the criteria we were looking for but was also within walking distance of the mall. It was the 1st day on the market and we positioned ourselves with an above listing price offer and ultimately secured the home and closed.

As you can see from the map below reflecting sold properties and active homes for the past year, Ridgewood Groves covers a large area.

Directly on the right side of 113th Street is Seminole City Center. The proximity to the mall is only shared by a few surrounding neighborhoods and the location of Ridgewood Groves allows it to have deeper roads to shield from the traffic on 113th Street and Park Boulevard.

Many of the homes in Ridgewood Groves are block construction ranch-style homes that were built in the late 1950s and early 60s. I’ve been watching the market and have noticed home flippers are taking these properties and opening them up, updating them, and sometimes even adding additional bathrooms or bedrooms if the homes have the space.

Although sidewalks are not accessible everywhere and the neighborhood is not a gated community, because it has so much room for growth compared to other neighborhoods in the area, we believe it is the best up & coming neighborhood in Seminole, FL. 

Ridgewood Groves - Seminole, Florida

In Conclusion

Seminole, Fl is growing fast. Ridgewood Groves is a prime example of a neighborhood that is being pushed to another level by the continued development of Seminole City Center and the demand from people out-of-state to live in a nice tropical climate near the beach.

As the most densely populated county in the state of Florida, we are expecting competition to continue to pick up over the coming years.

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