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Title Companies In Pinellas CountyTitle companies play a very important role in a real estate transaction. From the very beginning, a title company works with the many parties involved in a transaction, including both the buyers and sellers, lenders, real estate agents, home inspectors, home appraisers, surveyors, and more!

Working in the best interest of all parties, the purpose of a title company is to establish accurate ownership of the property by investigating the lien history, determining usability, verifying the accuracy of closing documents, and to facilitate the steps needed to convey clear title to the property between parties.

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Shera Hunter – Vice President / Licensed Title Agent – Paramount Title Agency

Shera Hunter

Phone # 813-244-5260

The 727 Team’s Experience With Shera:

“Shera is so professional and personable.  She is very quick to get tasks done, and this is crucial in any real estate transaction. Our clients have been very satisfied with her work, her knowledge, and their overall customer service experience.”

Shera’s Biography:

Shera has a background in Title Insurance, Residential and Commercial Title Examination, and Relationship Management. She previously owned and operated her own title agency and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Shera is also passionate about her community involvement helping to foster and fundraise for animals in need.

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