Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Condo In Downtown St. Pete

April 14, 2020 by The727Team


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How many places have you lived in your lifetime? How many of those were exciting and how many left you wanting a little bit more excitement? Most places I’ve lived have left me wanting a little bit more out of life. That was until I moved to St. Pete.

I saw a picture the other day of a young lady wearing a shirt that said “St. Pete changed my life”. That’s a pretty bold statement for a relatively small city but to be fair our area does pack quite the punch for the small part of Florida that we occupy. Living in this area can change your life for the better and who doesn’t need more of that these days. If you have any questions while you’re reading this article feel free to shoot me a text or give me a call (Chris) at 727-307-1111

Downtown is the heart of our city and in my opinion the best place to put down roots permanently if you’re going to live here. The neighborhoods surrounding Downtown have an abundance of single family homes but DTSP is mostly limited to townhomes and condos. Both have their pros and cons but if you want the ultimate walkability factor then you want to be right Downtown.

With that said, Here are The Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Condo In Downtown St. Pete. 

10. Public Parks & Outdoor Space

No matter where you go in the world, there’s some sort of designated space set aside by the city for the public to enjoy. Many cities have parks that are maintained but barely used by the general public. That is not the case in St. Pete. Northshore Park for example is the public space that helps set the tone for the relaxing atmosphere in Downtown St. Pete. It’s a waterfront park where you will always see people exercising, walking their dogs, having picnics or just sitting back and taking in the waterfront view.  

The combination of the wildlife, tropical vegetation and ocean breeze makes this a great place to spend time outside. Some people complain that Downtown St. Pete is becoming a concrete jungle but as long as we have this huge amount of outdoor space for the public to enjoy I think it will continue to be a pleasant place to live.

9. Constant Development & Change

This empty lot will soon be a high rise building on the outskirts of Downtown. Ground floor retail space will help develop this underutilized part of DTSP.

Most cities I’ve lived in have stayed more or less the same for the duration I lived there. You find the spots you like to hang out at and maybe your city gets a new chain restaurant every once in a while. 

Downtown St. Pete however has such a massive amount of development that it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s going on.  I think this is impressive considering our downtown area is not much bigger than one square mile. 

This development is a combination of both residential and commercial construction and many times these two go hand in hand. The city prioritizes residential developments with ground floor retail space so every new mid to high rise condo and apartment building that goes up has commercial space incorporated. There are over a dozen new buildings being constructed in Downtown St. Pete in 2020 so you can imagine there are plenty of new opportunities for unique businesses to open up shop.

This development started hitting its stride around 2016 and is continuing to accelerate as the demand to live here goes up. What does this mean for you as a homeowner in Downtown? There will always be new things to do and it will all be within close proximity to your home. 

8. Convenience


Shops on Beach Drive

Living in a condo is the most convenient way to own a home. Living in a downtown area is the most convenient place to live. That would mean that living in a condo in a Downtown area would be really convenient. I can’t speak for all Downtowns but I feel that Downtown St. Pete is the ultimate convenience.

Everything you need is within walking distance and pretty much everything else you can get on Amazon. Whether you need sustenance, entertainment or exercise, you can get a wide variety of everything here. Yes you pay a premium to live right Downtown but how many places in the United States can you live in without a car if you wanted to?

7. Fun Bars And Happy Hours

The CanopyAs I’m writing this it is 2pm on a Monday and I am drinking a beer with my lunch Downtown. Pretty much anywhere else that would not be socially acceptable however I am sitting at an outside bar and the weather is perfect so I was able to justify it in my mind. Also it’s all day happy hour at Red Mesa Cantina on Mondays! I can’t afford not to drink a beer right now.

There’s a wide spectrum of establishments and a little something for everyone. If you’re hanging out downtown it can be easy to explore a bit and have a few drinks along the way. If you don’t have to worry about driving home then it makes the experience that much more pleasant.

6. Dog Friendly

Dog in a stroller! Credit to @paw_neuman on instagram

Not all condos are pet friendly so we will have to check out units on a case by case basis but dogs love living Downtown too.  Dogs are a great way to meet new people around Downtown. 

This is because you can take your dog almost anywhere and meet other folks with their dogs too. We have dog parks, a dog bar, restaurants that have dog treats and water dishes, even people pushing around their dogs in strollers like little babies. You will see plenty of people getting exercise walking their dogs along the waterfront which brings me to….

5. Fitness Friendly

Credit to @melissatrippy on Instagram!

Whether you like group fitness classes to meet new friends or if you prefer to run by yourself to be alone with your thoughts, there are plenty of opportunities to stay fit in Downtown St. Pete. 

If you’re into running, Running For Brews is a great way to get your workout in and socialize after. 4 times a week this group meets at different bars in and around Downtown to run a 5k (3.2 miles in freedom units) and then have a drink or two after. The group organizers raffle off tickets for free beers and it’s easy to know who to talk to because everyone in the group is sporting their workout clothes. 

If you prefer going solo there’s a few miles of trail along the waterfront where you’ll have a great view of Tampa Bay, extravagant homes and sometimes dolphins and manatees. There’s also plenty of places to run around Downtown and it all feels very safe. 

Downtown has a lot of other group fitness options as well – Crossfit, Orange Theory, Yoga, the list goes on. 

4. Friendly People

The New Pier is a great place to meet friendly people!

I don’t remember last time I encountered an unpleasant person. Even the motorcycle cop that gave me a speeding ticket the other day was so nice I wasn’t even mad about it. I have a theory about this – I think that the majority of people that live here are from somewhere else that isn’t quite as nice so they appreciate how good we have it here and it reflects in their behavior. When you live in a city that has a lot of positive things going on you have to try really hard to be a negative person.

3. Relaxed Atmosphere and Local Feel

Kenwood Grand Central

Storefronts in The Grand Central District right outside of Downtown

Maybe that relaxed atmosphere is why people are so friendly. It’s nice being able to walk down Central and run into people you’ve met before. Sometimes I like to take a day off and pretend like I’m on vacation – Go to the beach, do some day drinking, eat some good food. Sometimes you have to treat yourself. When you live here you can choose to take a staycation and treat yourself to a really nice day off work. 

For some reason I’m able to justify eating out a lot more often at local restaurants. Supporting local businesses is a big thing here and as the co-founder of a local real estate business I can’t help but feel it’s my duty to spend my money supporting other local businesses that are also doing their part to make this city the pleasant place that it is. It’s always good karma to tip the service folks well when they do a good job!

2. Proximity to Tampa International Airport

I’ve had a few people tell me how impressed they are with our local airport. Tampa International is a great option for both domestic and international fights. There are plenty of direct flights that will get you to Europe or South America but if it’s not the direct flight that you need, it’s easy to take the hour plane ride to Atlanta where you can take a direct flight pretty much anywhere. I will always be amazed at the fact that I can jump on a plane and be in a completely different part of the world within 8 hours. 

On a side note – we also have a cruise port that leaves from Tampa if you’re looking for a hassle free long weekend or extended cruise through the Caribbean. For about the price of one night at a luxury hotel in Downtown St. Pete you can jump on a cruise ship and have an all inclusive 4 day vacation. I live in a condo and I appreciate the fact that I can just lock my door and leave without having much to worry about. I really enjoy traveling but what I enjoy even more is knowing that I’m coming back to a city that I love to call my home.

1. Boat Life!

johns pass

Yes this is a functioning boat – The Tiki Bar booze cruise that operates out of John’s Pass.

Boat season isn’t year round which is what makes it even more appealing, you really appreciate when it’s time to get on the water again. Honestly the winter time is probably the best time to be outside in this part of Florida however if you’re going to be outside during the summer the best place to do it is near the water.

Some people own waterfront homes and park their boat right in the back which is convenient but if you own a condo your best bet is to join a local boat club. Instead of paying for a waterfront home, flood insurance, boat maintenance, a boat lift and of course a boat you can pay the upfront fee of a few thousand dollars and the monthly boat fee whenever you decide to use your membership. I’m part of Freedom Boat Club which has over 20 locations around Tampa Bay. This allows me to decide where I want to reserve a boat and explore different parts of the local area.

In Conclusion

Are you trying to live your best life? I think we can help. Downtown St. Pete is a sort of mini-utopia and this seems especially true if you’re able to live here. If you’re on the edge thinking about moving to St. Pete I’d say just pull the trigger and do it. I’ve lived here since 2013 and I have no intention of ever living anywhere else. I’m grateful that I’m able to live in a city I love and make a living by encouraging other people to come enjoy it as well. 

Do you have Florida on your mind? Even if you’re just curious about the area, we’re here to help you make an educated decision on your move. If you already live here be sure to reach out to us via email at and we can set up a time to talk or meet. You can also drop your information below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can. Have a great day!!!