Top 5 Nicest Neighborhoods In St Pete, Florida

November 22, 2016 by The727Team

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Selling Your Home In St. Pete?

St Petersburg, Florida is a wonderful place. Unlike other places I’ve lived, St. Pete has many different neighborhoods all with their own different appeals and charm.

There is a wide variety of the types of neighborhoods that you will find here – It ranges anywhere from low income neighborhoods with run down homes to waterfront neighborhoods where extravagant mansions take up an entire city block.

Wherever you are on the financial spectrum, the good news is that money will buy a lot more home in St. Pete than it will in most of the rest of the country.

In this article we’ll be focusing on the nicer parts of St. Pete, not necessarily just the extravagant but also the neighborhoods that are celebrated for other reasons – such as being community oriented, historic and/or central to our amazing downtown area.

So you’re moving to St. Pete and trying to figure out where you’ll fit in. You’re at that stage in your life where you want to buy something that you really enjoy and plan on settling into for the long term.

What are your options? Are you looking to live in a community oriented neighborhood where your neighborhood encourages porch parties and other social events? Would you like to live in a downtown area with a beautiful waterfront, walking distance to great restaurants and fun places for a night out?

Would you prefer a large pool house in a safe neighborhood that’s fit for entertaining? How about a historic home on a brick lined street located close to a beautiful waterfront park and a 5 minute bike ride to downtown?

Maybe you’re here for the water, you’d like to walk into your backyard and jump on your boat for a day of sightseeing and fun in the sun. All these and more are possibilities in St. Pete. With that said, let’s get into the top 5 nicest neighborhoods in our beautiful city. In no particular order, here is our vote for the top 5 nicest neighborhoods in St. Pete.

5. Downtown St. Pete

When looking for a home in St. Pete, many people want to be as close to downtown as possible. There is an unprecedented amount of new construction going on because Downtown St. Pete is being recognized by many as the new up and coming city in Florida. There are developers from all over the country recognizing the potential in our Downtown area and building to fit the demand to live here.

Since around 2013, Downtown St.Pete has experienced a revival. This revival has brought in a wide variety of restaurants and eateries, a prolific craft beer scene and some amazing condos and town homes that fit the downtown lifestyle perfectly.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet, Downtown St. Pete is reminiscent of small cities you would visit in Europe. Downtown is an eclectic mixture of amazing restaurants with outside seating, beautiful water front parks with walking trails and marinas, art shows, local markets and other festivals that happen on a regular basis.

What’s interesting is that most of this is all contained within 1 square mile.

There is an amazing amount of activity in the downtown area. Many festivals, events and just the general atmosphere that comes with having an area densely populated with bars, restaurants and other interesting establishments that make St. Pete fun and interesting.  

The best ways to keep up with the local events downtown whether you live there or not are through local facebook groups. Some of my favorite facebook groups to keep current on local events are Creative LoafingI Love The BurgReal Live St. PeteThe Pinellas County Meetup Group and

These are all Facebook groups worth subscribing to if you’re interesting in finding local events going on around town.

Although Beach Drive is the premiere area to live downtown, there are still many other condos and townhomes that are still in the downtown proximity but much less expensive. Your money will go much further and also allow room for appreciation if you decide to buy less than a mile away from the central area of Beach Drive.

From an investment standpoint, I would highly recommend exploring these options first. Some of the best value complexes are actually new construction that are around the 500k price point or less. Some examples areThe Arlington, 801 Conwayand the soon to be built District on 9th.  

All of these are on the outskirts of downtown yet still within walking distance to everything DTSP has to offer. Here is an article with some great insight about buying at The Arlington & The District on 9th.

For a full list of available homes in Downtown St.Pete, Check out this page that feeds live listings directly from the MLS. If you would like us to advise you on wise investment choices, feel free to contact us to explore the best options for you.

You can also have the listings come to you by clicking the button below and signing up for our weekly newest listings mail out. Make sure to let us know that you’re interested in Downtown and as well as any other neighborhood that interests you!

  Newest Listings In Downtown St. Pete

 4. Old Northeast / Coffee Pot Bayou

A few years ago I had a couchsurfer from England stay at my home. For those of you who haven’t heard of couchsurfing, it’s a service that allows you to travel and stay with people for free or host folks that are traveling and let them stay in your home for free.

I took him through Old Northeast to see the beautiful historic homes and he told me that this is the type of neighborhood he envisioned as the American Dream. Front porches, beautiful architecture, manicured lawns, brick streets with mature oak trees, near the waterfront, Old Northeast is hands down one of the most beautiful neighborhoods I have ever seen.

Old Northeast Tavern

Not only is the neighborhood beautiful but the people here have a unique community with a social aspect to it. A lot of the people who live here go all out for holidays, decorating, holding neighborhood events and even shutting down streets to have block parties. Check out the HONNA (Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood Association)Facebook page to see how active this community is.

One of the major benefits of living in Old Northeast is that it’s right next to downtown. What you would pay for a nice 2 bedroom condo downtown would get you a much bigger house only a few blocks away.

Old Northeast has it’s own little community gathering spot, a small strip that features Old Northeast Tavern, Black Crow Coffee Shop, and Old Northeast Pizza. Here is a page with active listings in the beautiful Old Northeast Neighborhood.

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Old Northeast is definitely on the more expensive end of the spectrum for historic neighborhoods. If you’d like to learn about other options feel free to check out this article The Top 5 Historic Neighborhoods In St. Pete. It has some great videos as well!

If you’re interested specifically in The Old Northeast area, be sure to check out this in depth article which includes a professional video that showcases the neighborhood as well as the people who live there. 

 Newest Listings In Old Northeast / Coffeepot Bayou

 3. Snell Isle

When I think of Snell Isle, I think executive, Mercedes G-class, high end luxury amenities, basically the best that money can buy. Many of these homes are more modern, block construction homes with expansive yards and many times with custom pools and other luxurious amenities.

Old Northeast has mostly historic, beautiful, 1920’s era wood frame homes however these are typically more maintenance than the more modern homes that Snell Isle has to offer. I sometimes take bike rides around Snell Isle just to be amazed by the type of homes that are built there.

There is definitely a status factor – This neighborhood has a high concentration of really expensive homes, nice cars and good looking people (well some of them). One thing worth noting is that the majority of Snell Isle is in a flood zone, so your lender will require you to hold a flood insurance policy if you were to buy a home here with a mortgage.

Your flood insurance will be rated on your relative elevation to sea level. For example if you are in a zone 8 feet above sea level your flood insurance rate will be significantly higher than if you were located 13 feet above sea level. If you’re interested in a house located in a flood zone it’s smart to get an insurance quote before you buy it to fully understand what you’re getting into.

Snell Isle Gulf Club

Snell Isle is home to the Vinoy Gulf Club, a gorgeous 18 hole gulf course equipped with a club house pool and a bar/restaurant. When making the drive to the Gulf Club, you’ll immediately notice that the architecture of the club is so dramatic it almost looks out of place.

It was built in 1925 and designed by Perry Snell. It was built to replicate a mosque and takes certain architectural queues from historic European palaces with it’s onion domes and keyhole arches.

It is truly an interesting piece of architecture and an important part of St. Petersburg history. The Gulf Club serves as a social gathering center for many of the folks that live in this area.

I love showing homes in this neighborhood. The insides of these homes are all decadent and unique in their own ways. You may have to reimagine your definition of luxury after you see some of these homes in person. If you’re ready to start your search in Snell Isle, give us a shout and we’ll find you the best of the best.

If you’d like to start your search online, here’s a page with all the active listings in Snell Isle.

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2. Historic Kenwood

Kenwood is hands down one of the most interesting neighborhoods in St. Pete. The vast majority of the homes here are 1920’s bungalows, most of which have been renovated and restored to their original charm.

Kenwood is currently one of the hottest neighborhoods in St. Pete but it hasn’t always been so desirable. In the 1950’s this neighborhood fell into extreme disrepair – It wasn’t until the 1990’s that revitalization started to begin.

seminole park

Seminole Park Gazebo In Kenwood mimics the historic architectural bungalow styles found in this neighborhood.

There was and still is a huge contribution from the gay community to Kenwood. They were the pioneers of revitalization in this neighborhood and that is why you see a very large gay population here. Many gay folks and others brought their sense of style to this neighborhood and turned it into what it is today – A trendy neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

If you’re looking for a social neighborhood, Kenwood is on par with Old Northeast and the homes here are typically less expensive since it’s a little bit further away from Downtown.

Although it’s not as close to downtown, what I love about this area is how it’s within walking distance to the rapidly expanding Grand Central District. This area is a more relaxed version of downtown. It features dozens of new restaurants, microbreweries, art shops and even a dog bar.

Historic Kenwood is just the tip of the iceberg for historic neighborhoods in St. Pete. Click below to get signed up for our MLS search which will send you Kenwood listings as soon as they hit the market. Also feel free to mention if you’re open to other historic neighborhoods as well!

Here’s a more in depth article with an amazing video if you’d like to learn more about Kenwood!


  Newest Listings In Historic Kenwood

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1. Old Southeast

There are technically 3 neighborhoods that make up the Old Southeast area. Old Southeast, Tropical Shores and Driftwood. These neighborhoods all are very distinctive and interesting in their own right.

Old Southeast is less than a mile from downtown St. Pete yet the property values aren’t quite as high as Old Northeast. Since anything in the proximity of downtown is going up in value, many of these homes are still seeing appreciation. This neighborhood also has some local community hang out spots.

Old Southeast Market for example is a little convenience store that offers a selection of quality wine, beer and other snacks. They also hold yoga classes on a weekly basis. Chattaways is another local favorite.

Chattaways serves up British and American food and has one of the most beautiful outdoor patios I’ve ever seen. The brick work was laid by the original owner and it’s truly impressive. The expansive patio features a koi pond, plenty of seating and a small stage where they regularly host local musicians.

Tropical Shores is a newer neighborhood where the majority of homes were built in the 1950’s and later. About half of the neighborhood are waterfront homes, some with direct bay views and others nestled in more protected water.

I always recommend this community for folks looking for waterfront homes. It’s a very relaxed neighborhood and your money goes further here than it would in Snell Isle or Shore Acres. As one of my clients put it, he wanted a waterfront home on the south side because he wanted to “Keep it real’.

I would say this neighborhood is less about status and more about people looking to simply enjoy waterfront living. This neighborhood is also very calm and safe for children because there are no through streets where cars are driving fast. I would highly recommend Tropical Shores if you’re in the market for a waterfront property.

Driftwood is a very prestigious neighborhood. It’s rare that these homes come on the market and many times they get snatched up quickly when they do. When I first discovered Driftwood, it was when I was biking through the neighborhood and took a wrong turn.

All of a sudden I was in a thick subtropical jungle with tiny roads and tons of overgrown vegetation. Driftwood looks like a neighborhood you would find in Costa Rica rather than Florida. You will see trees growing in the middle of the main road and other tiny roads the size of bike trails that branch off.

The whole neighborhood is under a thick canopy of trees keeping it nice and cool even during the summer. Check out this extremely well done video of Driftwood produced by the Living Local series.

For a list of homes for sale in the Greater Old Southeast area including Tropical Shores and Driftwood take a look at this page. Do you want the listings to come to you? Click the button below and we’ll get you signed up on a MLS search for the Old Southeast area. 

Here’s another in depth article with the same great video series highlighting Old Southeast. 

  Newest Listings In Old Southeast

Final Thoughts

There is an amazing amount of variety in St. Pete neighborhoods. Where I grew up there were different neighborhoods but none of them had the character or community involvement that you see around here.

The nicest neighborhoods aren’t necessarily the areas with the most expensive homes but also those with exterior factors that make them a pleasant area to live in. 

When you read through this list of homes, you’ll notice that most of these neighborhoods have something in common – They all have some sort of community aspect. I’ve lived in multiple states throughout the US and also in Germany and have never experienced a city that has so many options for community involvement and social interaction.

I think that’s a big part of why people love living in St. Pete.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself and we’ll be happy to get you set up on a customized MLS search to fit your needs! You can also email us at

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