Top 8 Reasons Chris Formico Is The Best Realtor In St. Pete & Possibly The Known Universe

October 27, 2021 by The727Team
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When you start your real estate journey you have to ask yourself – What kind of qualities do I need my agent to have? 

Do they have good reviews and a solid track record? Are they trustworthy? Will they go above and beyond to help you get settled in and help even after closing? Do they wear a tuxedo? Are they passionate about the city you’re looking to make your forever home? Are they good looking but not too good looking? Are they good at writing about themselves in third person to make them seem important?

All valid questions and Chris Formico fulfills all these. With that said – it’s too hot in Florida to wear a suit so don’t expect anything too fancy. He will promise to not show up wearing socks with sandals because he doesn’t want to turn into his Dad.

8. He’s Been Doing Residential Real Estate In St. Pete Since 2014!

The first house Chris ever sold! A historic duplex. This house is now worth about 3x what the buyer paid for it in 2014.

There’s literally tens of thousands of licensed real estate agents in the Pinellas County area but unfortunately 95% of agents don’t make it past the first two years. It’s super easy to get licensed, just hard to make a living if you don’t stick with it. Chris is thankful that he’s been able to stick with something he loves doing for almost 8 years now. 

In the process he has surrounded himself with great people who help facilitate the process. A lot of trial and error has helped him narrow down the right contractors, mortgage professionals, insurance agents, handymen, title agents and other professionals that provide a great support network. An agent truly is only as good as the people they surround themselves with. Being part of RE/MAX Realty Unlimited which is filled with great people helps quite a bit as well. 

7. He’s Smart But Not Too Smart

pier walkable

Shameless attempt to use my cute dog to get your business. Sammy on a morning walk at The Pier

Kind of like his Golden Retriever Sammy. Chris gets the job done but isn’t pretentious about it. He likes to make the process fun which is the best part of his job. 

Chris went to college for a bit but decided it wasn’t for him and pursued a real estate career instead. In his early 20’s Chris spent 4 years enlisted in the US Air Force where he was able to travel, first living in Germany for 2 years and then finishing his contract in the Panhandle of Florida where he decided that Florida is 1000% better than Minnesota where he grew up. 

6. He Loves St. Pete

We all know St. Pete is the best city in Florida and possibly the known universe. What makes St. Pete so great? I think if you’ve traveled a bit and have a point of reference you appreciate it a bit more. 

St. Pete is big enough but not too big. St. Pete is very personable – so many friendly people. St. Pete always has something going on. No matter who you are you can find something you enjoy doing around here. St. Pete is artsy. St. Pete isn’t corporate like Tampa. The weather is beautiful. The traffic isn’t too bad. It’s walkable. I could go on but you just need to come experience it to develop your own opinion. Chris would be happy to take you out to his favorite happy hour spots and be your tour guide.

5. His Family Consists Of Two Cats And A Dog

Baby Sammy

This is actually pretty important in a hot real estate market. Some agents may have prior obligations when you need to see a house ASAP. Chris’s cats don’t even notice when he’s gone and his dog is happy to tag along on any last minute showings. Sammy has a dog hammock in the back of the car where she can chew on something while Chris is busy showing houses. 

4. Chris Will Be There For You After Closing

Whether it’s to help you find the right contractors, to get together for a drink or just to text about new things happening in St. Pete, Chris wants to be your agent and your friend. He plans on being in the real estate business for years to come so he understands that being available to past clients is a big part of that. 

3. Chris Has A Beard

Looks even better in photoshop. This photo is a younger, more youthful Chris.

A sign of trustworthiness, look it up it’s scientifically proven probably. Not the best beard but it is a beard. Chris looks like an overgrown toddler without it, so it is 1000% necessary in his line of work. 

2. Chris Was Once Crowned International Cornhole Champion 

One time Chris’s brokerage sent him on a Royal Carribean cruise where he entered the cornhole competition with his brother and somehow managed to make it to the finals where they then won and were forever crowned International Cornhole Champions of the World and probably the known universe. 

1. Chris Knows How To Win A Contract In A Multiple Offer Situations

Chris recently bought his own home and had to beat out FOURTEEN OTHER OFFERS. Chris knows the intricacies of writing a good offer. He also knows how important it is to build rapport with listing agents. More recently he sold a home where they got the contract because the listing agent had to pick between two identical offers and she decided he would be more pleasant to work with than the other agent. Chris had to work hard for that rapport, he went out of his way to go to the open house on behalf of his out of state buyer and drink wine with the list agents.

In Conclusion

boat pool tierre verdeChris would love to help you out with your home buying or selling needs. Best way to contact him is via email or via text at 727-307-1111. You can call him however he gets at least 10 calls per day that are marked as scam likely so a text first is preferred to set up a phone call. Thanks for reading and have a great day!!!!