Top 8 Reasons To Move To The Crescent Lake / Crescent Heights Neighborhood in St. Pete, Florida

April 16, 2018 by The727Team


Selling Your Crescent Lake Home?

crescent park
You may have seen the Living Local series videos of local neighborhoods pop up on Facebook in the past year or so. The city commissioned professional videographers to create candid videos of local neighborhoods, interviewing residents and providing a quick snapshot of the super local culture in these areas.

What I also noticed is that these videos are really well done but don’t get the attention they deserve!  Our website is one of the first sites to pop up when you search for neighborhoods in St. Pete so I figured it would be great for us to feature these videos and give our opinion on these neighborhoods as well.

The neighborhood residents in these videos briefly touch on what makes their area special to them.

Crescent Lake and Crescent Heights are essentially the same neighborhood so I thought I’d lump these two together for one post. Living Local made two separate videos and they’re both really well done. Check them out below before you read the rest of this post! Also to get this out of the way – if you enjoy this article feel free to contact me with any St. Pete real estate related questions via call or text at 727-307-1111.




8. Crescent Lake Park

st pete parks

Crescent Lake

As you will see in the Crescent Lake video, one local resident describes the Crescent Lake Park as the Central Park of St. Pete. Although it’s on an entirely different scale than New York City, I think this comparison has some truth to it.

Crescent Lake is a beautiful park with over 50 acres of land, a walking/jogging trail, wild life and great amenities for the neighborhood such as a dog park, tennis courts and plenty of outdoor space.

This park is sort of an outdoor oasis like Central Park however instead of being surrounded by a crowded big city, you are surrounded by a quiet historic neighborhood. With that said, Crescent Lake is only a few blocks north of our growing mini-metropolis Downtown St. Pete.

People living downtown have to deal with lots of traffic, noise from bars and restaurants, and limited parking. Crescent Lake is just close enough to be convenient however just far enough away to have a serene nature feel to it.

7. Historic Homes

crescent lake street
Most of these homes were built in the 1920’s. We are lucky enough in this part of Florida to be somewhat shielded from major hurricanes so our city is filled with these historic homes that have stood for about 100 years. A lot of people love homes from this time period simply because they have more character than more modern homes.

Many of these homes are so interesting to see inside because of the pride of ownership these folks have in their historic homes. Some are renovated to more modern standards and others are renovated with modern standards that mimic the original time period that they were built in.

The brick lined streets and heavy shade from the mature trees that line these streets really add to the overall charm of this area.

6. Non-Flood Zone

Flood insurance in Florida is no joke. Depending on your elevation relative to sea level, it can easily double the insurance premium you’ll need to have when financing your home.

Even if you buy a home with cash in a flood zone you may want to carry flood insurance anyways as regular home insurance won’t cover certain damage in the event of a flood.

Luckily this entire neighborhood is designed as Flood Zone X so you won’t have to worry about paying for a flood insurance policy. You also won’t have to worry about your streets turning into rivers like they do in Shore Acres.

5. Bikeability

bike rental DTSP

Bike Share station in Downtown St. Pete. This program was launched at the end of 2016 in our very bikeable city!

OK I’m not one of those people that puts on their speed suits and gets on their racing bicycle however I do love a nice casual bike ride. St. Pete being somewhat condensed and mostly flat makes for a great city to bike around. It’s honestly the best way to explore different neighborhoods to take your time and enjoy them fully. The Crescent Lake / Heights neighborhood is not quite walkable to Downtown St. Pete but it is only a short bike ride. If you head directly east from this neighborhood, you will run right into the beautiful waterfront parks just north of Downtown. If you head south, you will be in Downtown within minutes. Consider the fact that it sometimes is terrible to park Downtown but you can lock up your bike virtually anywhere.

4. Proximity To All The Conveniences On 4th Street

4th Street just north of Downtown has pretty much everything you need. A variety of grocery stores, fitness centers, restaurants and retail is all a very short drive away.

I currently live in a neighborhood that I love because it’s very quiet and peaceful however I still have to drive a bit for some of these other conveniences. I end up driving to this area anyways to go to my favorite grocery store Trader Joe’s, I always stop by my favorite gas station Rally and my gym is very close to here.

Our RE/MAX Realty Unlimited office is located right next to beautiful Crescent Lake so I’m in there quite a bit as well. 4th Street is the most densely populated commercial area in St. Pete outside of Downtown. Take a look at the map above to see the wide variety of establishments that make up the 4th St corridor.

3. Proximity To Downtown St. Pete

Banyan tree downtown

Beautiful tree in Downtown St. Pete

Speaking of Downtown, how great is it to be so close to one of the most exciting Downtown areas in all of Florida? Downtown St. Pete is a place filled with beautiful scenery, great food, fun places to hang out, nice people, the list goes on.

When all of these factors combine they create a great energy that can only fully be understood when you visit Downtown St. Pete for yourself.

2. Wildlife

jungle prada

Peacock near the Jungle Prada neighborhood in St. Pete

I mentioned earlier that Crescent Lake is filled with wild life. It’s always relaxing to have a place to go enjoy nature when you live in a city. You will see all sorts of birds, fish, trees, flowers and sometimes otters.

I will warn you though – the geese are mean. Oh my god they’re scary. I never thought I’d be afraid of a bird until one chased me while I was jogging without any sort of provocation on my part. After that incident I spent a day or two fantasizing about kicking that jerk goose that tried to attack me.

These geese would bite your fingers off if you give them the chance.  I probably wouldn’t even have stood a chance if I tried to kick the goose in self defense, they are vicious.

Anyways besides the geese there are plenty of nice animals that won’t try to ruin your day like this peacock I took a picture of in the Jungle Prada neighborhood of St. Pete.

1. The People

mural art

So this kind of applies to everyone that lives in St. Pete. I’m from Minnesota and although people are friendly, it’s just not on the same level as what you experience in this city.

People in this city are happy to say hello or just simply smile as you walk past them. My theory is that most people here are transplants from other parts of the world and are happy to live here so that reflects in their demeanor.

This is especially true in this neighborhood. Local residents are happy to live here, wouldn’t you be friendly if you loved the neighborhood you lived in?


This neighborhood is the best of both worlds. You can have your peace and serenity at home without being too far from all the amenities on 4th street and all of the fun things to do in Downtown St. Pete. Are you interested in living in this area? Feel free to reach out to us below and tell us a little bit about yourself and your real estate goals. I prefer a call or text at 727-307-1111 but you can also email us at