Top 8 Reasons To Move To The Pinellas Point Neighborhood In St. Pete, Florida

April 20, 2018 by The727Team

You may have seen the Living Local series videos of local neighborhoods pop up on Facebook in the past year or so. The city commissioned professional videographers to create candid videos of local neighborhoods, interviewing residents and providing a quick snapshot of the super local culture in these areas.

What I also noticed is that these videos are really well done but don’t get the attention they deserve!  Our website is one of the first sites to pop up when you search for neighborhoods in St. Pete so I figured it would be great for us to feature these videos and give our opinion on these neighborhoods as well.

The neighborhood residents in these videos briefly touch on what makes their area special to them, check it out!

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The Greater Pinellas Point area is a collection of multiple south side St. Pete neighborhoods. Located on the southernmost tip of Pinellas County, this area is home to waterfront homes, a neighborhood built around a golf course, easy access to both Downtown St. Pete and the beaches and a growing innovative area called The Skyway Marina District.

I bought my first home in Pinellas Point in 2016 and I really enjoy living here so let me tell you my 8 reasons why you should move here too!

8. Proximity To Downtown St. Pete

Downtown St. Pete is a great place to spend time in however some people may prefer to head back to their peaceful homes after they’ve gotten their fill of excitement. I visit downtown almost every day but I feel like I appreciate it more when I’m not there all the time. Also worth considering is the cost difference you will notice between living right downtown versus living a 10 minute drive away.

The price I paid per square foot for my condo in Pinellas Point would be multiplied 3x-5x times if the same building was located Downtown. I personally would rather own 3 to 5 condos 10 minutes away than one nice unit right downtown.

7. Proximity To The Beach

paddleboard shell key tierre verde boat

Just like real estate prices Downtown, you can expect your money to buy a lot less when you live right on one of our beautiful beaches. The beaches here are amazing however as with anything in life there’s always a tradeoff. Gulf Blvd is the only main road traversing north and south connecting all the beaches in our area.

When tourist season rolls around this road gets busy and there aren’t any alternative routes. If you commute for work this may be a problem. Also living on the beach you’ll have higher insurance premiums to compensate for potential flooding and hurricane damage.

Why not live 10 minutes away in Pinellas Point instead? Your money will go further and the traffic congestion will be a lot less. Which leads me to my next point.

6. Lack of Traffic

Some neighborhoods serve as throughways for people who don’t live there but are commuting through. Pinellas Point is pretty much all residential which means that it’s mostly just local traffic coming through here.

I love the fact that I’m always a predictable 10 minute drive to downtown or just a few minutes to get on the highway. Even during the busiest parts of the day traffic keeps moving.

Some neighborhoods in North Pinellas are notorious for the insane amount of traffic which is not only inconvenient, but noisy as well. Who wants to listen to traffic or worry about your small children or pets wandering into a busy road? This also brings me to my next point.

5. Serenity

pinellas point

View from Point Pinellas Park

I enjoy the fact that I can sit on my patio and just hear nature. I live a few blocks from a local high school so I can sometimes hear their football games and marching band, but I don’t mind that one bit.

Most times it’s the sounds of peaceful nature in a serene neighborhood. In Lakewood estates you will find serenity by the golf course, in the Pink Streets you will find spacious historic homes spread out on quiet streets, in the center of Pinellas Point you will find Lake Vista Park – a peaceful park with a beautiful pond and walking trails.

4. The Types Of Homes Here

Private home hidden behind a wall of banyan trees

I personally live in a townhouse which I love however what I think is great about this area is the amount of large, block construction homes with spacious yards and typically garages as well. Most of the residential construction in St. Pete was built up in either the 1920’s or the 1950’s.

The 1920’s homes are mostly wood frame construction which are beautiful homes but typically higher maintenance. The homes built in the 1950’s are mostly block construction homes with more space inside, larger yards and they typically have garage space as well.

3. The Parks

Lake Vista Park in the center of the Pinellas Point neighborhood.

We have a couple of parks down here that are worth mentioning. I live right next to Lake Vista Park which I mentioned earlier has some great walking trails and a nice peaceful pond.

This park also has an outdoor fitness center, baseball fields, a skatepark, tennis courts, grill out areas and plenty of open space. Maximo Park is the more well known park around here.

Located right across the waterway from Eckerd College, Maximo Park is 70 acres of waterfront park that features 7 boat ramps, a frisbee golf course, a playground, a beach, picnic shelters and also a collection of educational signage where you will learn about the Indians that once lived there. It’s a great place to stop by if you just want to have a seat next to the ocean and enjoy the views.

2. The Skyway Marina District

pinellas point
We are witnessing a dramatic change in South St. Pete. A 2 mile corridor on 34th Street south designated The Skyway Marina District is the first impression of Pinellas County when visitors come over the Skyway Bridge. For the longest time this area has been mostly run down, where it’s more likely to find vacant buildings than thriving businesses.

What’s interesting is a lot of the neighborhoods surrounding this area are nice however this area has a serious lack of retail, grocery and fun activity options.

The designation of this area as The Skyway Marina District in 2013 marked the turning point for this area.  In 2018 the scales are finally starting to shift.  Vacant buildings are getting repurposed and new construction commercial structures are being built.

There is a 70 million dollar mixed use development going up right now which will be comprised of higher end apartments that cater to a millennial crowd.

This complex plans to have two restaurants and a lazy river open to it’s residents as well as the public. This structure will also have a section for mini-storage.

Also currently being constructed is The Getaway, a waterfront restaurant and bar. This area is severely lacking in fun places for locals to hang out so I have no doubt in my mind that they will be successful.

I’m going to make a prediction and say that many other restaurants/bars will pop up in this area after The Getaway shows that it’s possible to run a successful establishment for locals in this area.

The ultimate goal of the city is to turn this area into a “Destination Location” with a master plan to achieve that goal. If you take a look at my article on Up & Coming Areas in St. Pete, I list the master plan at the bottom under the Skyway Marina District section.

I believe the the commercial development in this area will have a positive impact on the desirability to live here, which will further push up property values in this area.

1. Non-Flood Zone (Mostly)

Flood zones are a big deal if you live in Florida. When you finance a home in a flood zone, your lender will require you to carry a flood insurance policy which can easily double the insurance premiums on your home.

Even if you own your home outright and live in a flood zone, it’s smart to carry a policy because your regular insurance policy will not cover the damage sustained in a flood. One smart trick that insurance companies hate – If your house floods and you do not have a flood insurance policy, just burn it down so your regular insurance covers it (That was a joke in case you couldn’t tell).

Flood insurance policies are also somewhat unpredictable. Apparently these policies are currently subsidized by the government however what will happen when that subsidy runs out? A $1,400 yearly policy may be closer to $2,000 or maybe more.

With that said, probably about 30% of Pinellas Point is in a flood zone. Of that 30%, there a some really nice areas that happen to be by the water. Sometimes that flood insurance policy is negligible when you buy a bigger house and a necessary expense if you buy a waterfront property.

In Conclusion

I sort of ended up in Pinellas Point unintentionally. I was looking for my first home and I found an amazing condo that was perfect for me. Looking back it couldn’t have turned out better. I’m close enough to everything that I like to do but far enough away to have a nice peaceful area to live in.

Instead of buying in a neighborhood that has maxed out in value, I bought in an up and coming area and have seen my equity climb steadily. If you’re looking to buy a home in St. Pete, the South side still has plenty of opportunities to buy in areas that will continue to appreciate.

Looking to learn about other South Side neighborhoods? Check out this article I wrote on The Top 11 Neighborhoods To Live In South St. Pete.

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