Top 5 Largo Home Seller Tips

November 2, 2016 by The727Team

When you decide to sell your home in Largo, FL, there’s going to be a lot of choices and very crucial decisions you will be making.  We want to make the process easier by sharing our insight on what will help you sell your home quicker and for more money in this market.

Time is money… so let’s get straight to the tips!

#1 – Video Is King



How many videos do you think you’ve watched on the internet in your lifetime?  Probably tens of thousands… and even if you shy away from video, the good news is the modern day consumer eats it up. Now you may ask yourself, what does video have anything to do with selling a house? The answer… EVERYTHING.

Today’s market is all about information… and the people that are the most transparent and get it in front of the most eyes tend to come out on top for demand and price.

When you hire a professional to list your home, they shouldn’t just be posting some pictures of it on the internet… they should be actively making sure your home dominates the competition!

Video walkthroughs of the property show buyers you are serious, that you have a seriously amazing house, and allow them to fall in love with it over and over again even when they are leaving the property.

The other good news is there are very few agents and sellers that use video… this means you get to step in the front of the line when you use experts in largo real estate.  Effective marketing means your video is distributed to 1000s of likely buyers and buyer agents via social media channels.

#2 – Professional Photos

Don’t take pictures of the home you are selling with your Iphone, and DO NOT let your agent do that either!  Great pictures are just as important as having great video. Would you believe that over half the photos out there are not taken by professionals or with professional equipment?  Take a look for yourself when you are shopping for homes in you area, and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

Often these homes get lost in the shuffle for homes with higher quality images that really highlight the best features.

#3 – Make A List Of Upgrades

Not every single upgrade will put money back in your pocket, but they make it easier to sell and justify a certain price range especially when buyers are looking at comparable homes.

One of the things we do with sellers is go over any upgrades they’ve done since purchasing the property, or upgrades that were already part of the property that make it unique.

Believe it or not, people don’t always pick up on this, as the average buyer usually sees a home for 10-30 minutes, and can’t possibly take in all the features and upgrades.  Having a prepared list makes it easier!

#4 – Accessibility

Would you believe me when I say that some people hover over those looking to buy their house?  This is a BIG No No… people want to have the freedom to explore a home without feeling out of place or pressured by the seller.  This is one of the reasons people use real estate agents in Largo to schedule showings.

Timing is so important in the world of real estate, and not everyone has the luxury of having a vacant home for sale.  However, if you still live in your home, and you go out of your way to leave for showings helping your real estate agent, it’s just one extra step that puts you farther ahead of your competition!

#5 – The Price Is Right


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Getting the price of your home correctly the first time is very crucial to getting the most money for your home.  If you over-price, you risk the property sitting, missing all the initial rush, and selling for much less in the end.  If you under-price, they walk away with a steal and you leave with money left on the table.

Any pricing decision should be backed by understanding of the area and trends, and research into sales in the recent past.  We live, eat, and breathe real estate, so we can get you going in the right direction!

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