Why Your Pinellas County Realtor’s Web Presence Matters

June 26, 2017 by The727Team

The world of real estate has changed forever… ever since the introduction of the internet into peoples’ homes there’s been a need to adapt.  Some real estate agents saw an opportunity in the 90s to be different and take advantage of the soaring online market.  Many ignored this trend and did business as usual.

Fast forward to today and when you unravel the marketing opportunities that the internet has granted us, you’ll actually see a very similar trend.

Most agents are not taking full advantage of the marketing potential the internet has granted us, but why is that?

Power Words With No Substance

Picture this scenario for me: Someone you know is considering selling a house in Pinellas County.  They ask around for referrals, do a little research and come up with a list of a few agents they are considering interviewing for the job.

After a little introduction, the question comes up and they ask the agent how they plan on marketing their property.

The agent tells them they will get their home on 1000s of websites after entering it on the Multiple Listing Service.

Sounds great right?  The funny thing is, any other agent that they interview is going to have that same ability whether they realize it or not.  That’s because the Multiple Listing Service is a portal that is already set up that way.  

Is it powerful?  Yes… it’s important to get on the high traffic web portals such as Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com

Is it going to make them stand out among their competition?  Not if everyone else does it…

Standing Out In A Saturated Online Landscape

So the real question is how do they identify the right agent for the job?  There’s a lot of things an agent can do to market a property but the most powerful is giving the home an online web presence that goes beyond what everyone else can do.

Most people now have access to a computer in Pinellas County that are in the market for real estate.  They are going to usually start their search online and it’s important to understand where people spend a lot of their time.

Social media sites such as Facebook have become a powerful resource to connect buyers and sellers.  Only a small percentage of agents are leveraging this, and only a fraction of that small percentage are marketing their listings effectively.

All listings should have real video.

If the agent doesn’t market this as one of their services, the sellers are missing out on a huge opportunity to stand out massively.

All listings should easily be found on Google.

Beyond the regular real estate websites, how else is the listing being displayed.  It’s important to be unique… one way to look into this is check out the realtor’s website.

Does it look like it’s from the 90s or is it just a one page portal on their broker’s website?  Is that really the person you or your friends would want to hire to market a very expensive asset?  If that’s how they market themselves… what does that say about how they are going to market your home?

If the agent does have a website, how many pages do they have.  A good way to gauge the strength and marketing abilities of a website is to check the page count.

One little trick you can do in Google:

Type: Site:www.realtorswebsitename.com

This will produce all the pages shown indexed by google.

500 or less?  They aren’t doing much with their marketing, as opposed to 10,000 or more, they take it very seriously.

Final Thoughts

We now have the ability to do more research now on the people we choose to represent us thanks to the internet.  From online reviews, to web presence, or anything else you consider important, there’s nothing wrong with really pressing a Pinellas County Realtor on the details.


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